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The Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to evolve and proliferate. Design engineers and device manufacturers will face considerable challenges in designing and testing these devices. The new level of complexity in design, test, validation, and security implementation requires the 5 C’s: connectivity, continuity, compliance, coexistence, and cybersecurity.

Conquer your design and test challenges while staying ahead of the curve with the 5 C’s of IoT.

Connectivity: Build A Bulletproof IoT Device

Connectivity ensures that your IoT devices connect to other IoT devices, the cloud, and the world around them. Creating a bulletproof IoT device starts with bulletproof connectivity.

Connectivity presents new challenges to designers — highly complex systems, evolving wireless standards, and dense device deployments that must work reliably and without fail. Take steps today to understand the various IoT wireless technologies and test solution that is right for your IoT device.
Key technologies needed to advance mission-critical IoT

Continuity: Extend the Battery Life of Your IoT Devices

Continuity requires that IoT devices have extended battery life to do their jobs. Device designers face many challenges when it comes to accurately calculating and validating a device’s battery life expectancy.

Explore tips to optimize battery life in your IoT devices and discover the power analysis software that is designed to monitor device power consumption.

Compliance: Keep Up with Evolving Regulations

Compliance is about making sure your IoT devices adhere to the radio standards and global regulatory requirements. For IoT device makers, it is essential to accomplish pre-compliance and compliance testing throughout the product life cycle, including the design, test validation, manufacturing, and deployment phases.

Learn about regulatory standards and gain a better understanding of interference challenges to design and develop products that can withstand the rigors of the real world.

Coexistence: Ensure Reliable Performance Alongside Others

Coexistence testing ensures your IoT device maintains its functional wireless performance in the presence of intended (interfering) signals. For device makers, understanding the interference challenges a device will face in the real world and how to design around them is critical.

Overcoming interference requires a solid plan for coexistence test. Find out how you can locate and identify interference so your device works all the time, every time.

Cybersecurity: Strengthen The Security of Your IoT Devices

Cybersecurity safeguards data from cyberthreats. With the widespread deployment of wireless sensors, cybercriminals use advanced means to gain access to even the simplest IoT device. These devices offer cybercriminals a potential gateway to high-value systems.

To minimize the risk of cyberattack, enterprises need to take extreme measures to overcome the cybersecurity challenge and build a robust IoT infrastructure.

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