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N1091BSCA IEEE 802.3bs/cd


N1091BSCA IEEE 802.3bs/cd

Measurement and Debug Application

Characterize IEEE 50/100/200/400 Gb/s Electrical TX Designs using N1000A/86100D DCA-X and N109X DCA-M Oscilloscopes


Several industry and standards bodies have adopted pulse amplitude modulation 4-level (PAM4) technology to increase throughput within a given bandwidth compared to Non-Return-to-Zero (NRZ) technology. As an example, PAM4 technology is used in 50/100/200 Gb/s designs defined by IEEE 802.3cd, and in 200/400 Gb/s designs defined in IEEE 802.3bs. The Keysight N1091BSCA IEEE 802.3bs/cd software is a measurement application for the DCA-X/DCA-M equivalent-time sampling oscilloscopes designed to save you time and money by automating the task of performing PAM4 and NRZ transmitter (TX) test measurements.

Transform Complexity into Simplicity

The N1091BSCA is an easy-to-use TX test application that:

  • Saves time in understanding details of standards 
  • Reduces the time it takes to characterize your PAM4 and NRZ design from hours to minutes 
  • Helps debug your device using custom configurations 
  • Allows you to quickly generate HTML reports that summarize the performance of your device

Select Industry-leading Hardware

Configure your oscilloscope for single or multi-channel capability. The N1091BSCA application supports a variety of digital communication analyzer (DCA) oscilloscope configurations, including the N1000A/86100D DCA-X wide-bandwidth oscilloscope platform, and the N109X DCA-M family of oscilloscopes. For return loss, the software controls an N1055A TDR module (or an economy or performance network analyzer) and performs S-parameter measurements. For more hardware configuration details, refer to the Ordering Guide in this document.

Select the Desired Software Test Suite

The N1091BSCA IEEE 802.3bs/cd TX test application covers PAM4 and NRZ transmitter measurements outlined in IEEE 802.3bs and IEEE 802.3cd specifications. The tests are sorted conveniently by clause. Click on the desired test group, and the appropriate tests are offered in Select Tests (factory-installed options shown).

Configure Your Measurements

Customize parameters that are specific to your setup, such as signaling rate and CTLE setting. Use default values or enter your own settings including number of waveforms taken, type of pattern, and pattern symbol length. Choose Normal mode to test within limits or choose Debug mode to test to your custom limits and adjust other test parameters. Choose Your Tests The N1091BSCA IEEE 802.3bs/cd TX test application provides comprehensive coverage of most PAM4 and NRZ tests that are specific to the clause you are testing. You may click on all available tests, a group of tests, or select individual tests to run. The full test name appears in the test list and is also shown in the test results and reports. A description of the test and reference to the Standard is shown for each test.


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