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E4887A HDMI TMDS Signal Generator Platform


Convenient Compliance Testing and Characterization of HDMI 1.3 Devices The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) specification ensures the interoperability of all digital audio and video devices. Keysight Technologies, Inc. offers solutions for testing HDMI sources, cables and sinks. The instruments of each solution provide outstanding performance, ideal for characterizing HDMI devices. The dedicated HDMI test automation software controls the instruments and simplifies HDMI source, cable and sink compliance testing. 

Source test solution The DSO80000 Series Oscilloscope is the core of Keysight’s source test solution. The high bandwidth, low noise and excellent probing solutions of these real-time oscilloscopes show clear eye diagrams and the real margin of your HDMI sources. The N5399A software guides you confidently through most compliance source tests. 

Cable test solution The E5971C network analyzer and the 86100C DCA-J, with its TDR modules and software, provide impedance, intra- and inter-pair skew measurements for HDMI cables. 

Sink test solution The E4887A HDMI TMDS Signal Generator Platform provides parallel signals with low intrinsic jitter and fast edges. The HDMI Frame Generator Software is ideal for manual testing and debugging. It configures the generator with a wide variety of HDMI video frames. The software controls up to two E4438C Vector Signal Generators or 33250A Arbitrary Waveform Generators as well as the TMDS Signal Generator for defined jittered signals for jitter tolerance testing.

High performance connections Keysight offers various fixtures for HDMI testing. The N1080A test point access adapters (TPAs) provide SMA to plug, or receptacle to SMA connections with very low loss and high bandwidth. The N5404A transmitter test fixture is especially developed for HDMI source testing. Test automation The N5990A Test Automation Platform enables HDMI compliance testing and systematic, in-depth characterization with high data quality and throughput. The software controls all related instruments and directs you step by step through the tests. All test results are documented in Microsoft® Excel format.

E4887A HDMI TMDS Signal Generator Platform 

The core of the Keysight HDMI sink test solution is the E4887A HDMI TMDS Signal Generator Platform. It offers a choice of three configurations: 

E4887A-007: High resolution HDMI TMDS Signal Generator Target Audience: ATC, chip vendors 

  • In-depth characterization beyond today’s test needs up to 7 Gb/s including separate and combined jitter tolerance characterization for all data rates 
  • Highest signal performance with low intrinsic jitter and fast transition times
  • Fast automated CTS compliant test routines 

E4887A-037: Standard compliant and characterization test Target Audience: R&D labs for Audio, Video, TV requiring compliance pass/fail and high speed characterization 

  • CTS based compliant pass/fail testing on all data rates
  • Combined jitter tolerance compliance and characterization testing at all data rates 
  • Separate jitter tolerance compliance and characterization starting at 74 MHz pixel clock
  • Upgrade to E4887A-007 

E4887A-003: Economic high speed tester up to 3.4 Gb/s Target Audience: HDMI related development for economic device characterization.

  • Covers most critical HDMI tests starting at 74 MHz pixel clock 
  • Combined and separate jitter tolerance characterization and compliance testing starting at 74 MHz pixel clock 
  • Ideal test solution for debug and stimulus in R&D 
  • Upgrade to E4887A-037  

E4887A and N5990A Platform Combination 

High quality signals for clock and data signals 

Clean signals with fast transition times and very low intrinsic jitter are necessary for device characterization. The E4887A HDMI TMDS Signal Generator Platform is based on Keysight’s ParBERT 81250, which provides industry leading signal performance for high speed characterization. 

TMDS signal generator for independent jitter injection on the clock signal and data signals 

In combination with the E4438C Vector Signal Generator or the 33250A Arbitrary Waveform Generator, the E4887A HDMI TMDS Signal Generator Platform offers linear clock and data jitter injection compliant to HDMI CTS 1.3. Especially designed for jitter tolerance device characterization, it lets you stress your device with independent jitter components on the clock and data signal for in-depth sink characterization. 

Easy to use with many video formats 

You can choose from a vast variety of video formats. The frame generator software set ups the TMDS Signal Generator with the chosen format. The jitter injection is also conveniently controlled using the frame generator software. 

Integrated into compliance test software 

The N5990A Test Automation Software integrates the E4887A HDMI TMDS Signal Generator Platform and the DSO80000 Series Real-Time Oscilloscope. This HDMI sink test solution provides calibrated jitter injection for accurate jitter tolerance characterization and compliance tests with a high test throughput. 

Future proof with data rates up to 7 Gb/s 

The high resolution version of the E4887A–007 HDMI TMDS Signal Generator is able to generate signals up to 7 Gb/s and protects your investment for future device characterization. 

Cable emulators designed for HDMI 1.3 

A set of different cable emulators especially designed for HDMI 1.3 are offered to match CAT 1 and CAT 2 reference cable

E4887A HDMI Platform Jitter Tolerance Capabilities 

Enabling high-speed on most recent HDMI devices is the most critical and important requirement for in-depth characterization. The E4887A HDMI TMDS Signal Generator Platform is exactly addressing this test-need through all individual configurations. Paired with excellent signal performance, the test engineer has got the highest benefit for true and exact device characterization.

High Resolution Characterization and Compliance Tester E4887A-007 TMDS Signal Generator up to 7 Gb/s 

The E4887A-007 TMDS Signal Generator configuration for independent jitter injection on TMDS clock and TMDS data lane allows the in-depth characterization of HDMI sink devices from 270 Mb/s up to any future bitrate of 7 Gb/s. For compliance testing of any HDMI device, this setup also provides jitter injection of clock and data jitter components on the TMDS clock only. Data generator bit rates up to 7 Gb/s help to protect your investment. 


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