Column Control DTX

L4433A Dual/Quad 4x8 Reed Matrix


– LXI compliance includes built-in Ethernet connectivity

– Fully-featured graphical web interface

– Dual 4x8, 8x8, or 4x16 2-wire configurations

– 64 2-wire or 128 1-wire cross points

– High speed reed relays

– Analog bus connection

– Relay counter

– ±150 V peak, 0.5 A switch, 1.5 A carry current

– Software drivers for most common programming environments


Dual/quad 4x8 Matrix offers high performance signal switching

The Keysight L4433A is a high-speed reed relay matrix that is LXI Class C compliant. With its small size and Ethernet connectivity, this matrix can be placed wherever your application needs it. 

The Keysight L4433A offers a flexible connection path between your device under test (DUT) and your test equipment, allowing different instruments to be connected to multiple points on your DUT at the same time. This instrument can be configured as a 2-wire or a 1-wire matrix, increasing the number of cross points. Multiple matrices can be combined through the analog buses connector to create a larger matrix. 

Using this LXI instrument, you’ll get all the benefits of an Ethernet connection, instrument web server, standard software drivers and more. The LXI standard is supported by multiple vendors, enabling lower cost of test with accelerated test integration and development.

Switch features for flexible and reliable connections 

The L4433A features a full cross point matrix that allows you to connect any row to any column. This is a convenient way to connect multiple test instruments to multiple points on a DUT. With its high-speed reed relays you will get a fast response. 

Each cross point in the matrix switch has two wires - high and low - for the measurement. Or, if you prefer, you can configure the L4433A as a single wire matrix, increasing the number of cross points to 128. The L4433A also has in-rush resistors on each column for added protection. Expand your matrix using the analog bus connector to create a larger matrix, or easily connect to an external measurement device like a DMM. 

The sequence feature defines switch closures and controls and can be used to easily change to different switch setups. Simply assign a sequence, give it a name and then execute it with the custom name you created. External trigger capabilities make it easy for you to time and synchronize switch closures and openings. The L4433A also includes a relay counter to monitor and help you determine when relays are nearing their end of life. 

Easily route signals to an external DMM 

The L4433A switches support signals up to ±150 V and 0.5 A so that no external signal conditioning is required. The analog bus connector can be used to easily route your matrix switch signals to an external device. 

System connections you can trust The L4433A comes with two heavy duty 50-pin Dsub connectors that provide simple, reliable connection options. Each connector uses 30 micro inches of gold to ensure repeatable and accurate measurements. Other connection options include: 

• Detachable terminal blocks with strain relief 

• Low-cost, standard 50-pin Dsub connector kits and cables 

• Mass interconnect solutions 

Ethernet connectivity enables simple connection to the network and remote access to measurements 

The Ethernet interface offers highspeed connections for remote access and control. You can set up a private network to filter out unwanted LAN traffic and speed up the I/O throughput, or take advantage of the remote capabilities and distribute your tests worldwide. Monitor, troubleshoot, or debug your application remotely. Ethernet communication also can be used with the support of LAN sockets connections.

The optional GPIB interface has many years of proven reliability and can be used for easy integration into existing applications. 

The L4433A ships with the Keysight E2094N I/O Libraries Suite, which enables connections for Keysight and non-Keysight modular and traditional instruments. This makes it easy for you to configure and integrate instruments into your system. 

Fully featured graphical web interface makes it easy to set up and troubleshoot your tests from anywhere in the world 

The built-in web server provides remote access and control of the instrument via a Java-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer. Using the web server, you can set up, troubleshoot, and monitor your instrument from remote locations. 

• View and modify instrument setup 

• Open or close switches 

• Send, receive or view SCPI commands 

• Define and execute switch sequences

• View error queue 

• Get status reports on relay counts, firmware revisions, and more

Additionally, since the web server is built into the instrument, you can access it on any operating system that supports a web browser without having to install special software. Password protection and LAN lockout are also provided to limit access for additional security. 

Software for most popular programming environments 

Full support for standard programming environments ensures compatibility and efficiency. You can use direct I/O with your own software, or use standard IVI and LabVIEW software drivers that provide compatibility with the most popular development environments: 

• Keysight VEE Pro 

• National Instruments LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, TestStand, and Switch Manager 

• Microsoft C/C++ and Visual Basic


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