Supporting Quotes

Keysight’s Participation in O-RAN Global Plugfest Spring 2022 Enables Ecosystem to Speed Open RAN Technology Development and Specifications Maturity 

Daniel Chang, Chairman, Auray Technology Corp. 
"Keysight’s comprehensive End-to-End (E2E) O-RAN test and enablement portfolio has been instrumental in the success of the O-RAN Alliance Global Plugfest Spring 2022 as it has been extensively used for conformance, interoperability, performance, security and O-RAN certification testing in an automated framework. Auray OTIC and Security lab has completed certification testing for an O-RU in this Plugfest using Keysight’s O-RU test solution and certification test suite." 

Kevin Wollenweber, Vice President of Networking, Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group, Cisco
"Cisco is committed to open architecture and contributing to 5G ORAN standardization. Open RAN transport architecture using SRv6 capabilities helps customers to build simple, scalable, and efficient transport with improved service quality that drives business growth."

Atsushi Ogata, president and CEO, IP Infusion
"IP Infusion is pleased to participate in O-RAN Alliance Global Plugfest Spring 2022 hosted by Auray OTIC and Security Lab in Taiwan. IP Infusion participated in the Plugfest with Keysight Open Radio Unit (O-RU) and Open Distributed Unit (O-DU) emulated solutions. The multi-vendor test environment validated mobile xHaul timing and synchronization, network performance and latency, as well as resiliency characteristics enabling operators to disaggregate the RAN today, and well into the future."

Constantine Polychronopoulos, vice president of 5G and Telco Cloud, Juniper Networks
"Admissions control and energy savings are two key priorities for operators today, as smart management of resources delivers better outcomes for their customers and bottom line. Keysight and Juniper are focused on these key priorities and are once again demonstrating how O-RAN is moving the industry forward. Juniper Networks’ RAN Intelligent Controller and suite of applications were validated and demonstrated with Keysight’s RICtest solution in the 2022 Spring Plugfest."

Kinpo Electronics
"In O-RAN Alliance Global PlugFest Spring with support from Keysight, M-Plane software developed by Kinpo on Open Radio Unit is validated for the service of 5G O-RAN Base Station management. This will ensure the successful deployment and commercialization of future network with Kinpo O-RU with the parametric compatibility of M-Plane management services of RAN equipment."

Anju Day, CEO, LIONS Technology
"We appreciate the opportunity to participate the 4th O-RAN Alliance Global Plugfest hosted by Auray OTIC lab and conducted on Keysight advanced O-RAN test platform. As a second time participant, LIONS Technology has previously achieved the interoperability of our end-to-end O-RAN solution, including O-CU, O-DU, FHGW (Fronthaul Gateway / O-AU), and O-RU, based on the conformance results. In this 2nd time test, LIONS’ products successfully passed the robustness-related stress, mobility, and RF signal sensitivity tests arranged by Auray and Keysight. The result indicates that the progress of O-RAN development can now meets the practical application requirements."

Anson Chiu, president, LITEON TECHNOLOGY
"LITEON TECHNOLOGY has been taking strong initiative in terms of developing a series of 5G O-RAN products including hardware and software solutions: FlexFi split2 RDU, split7.2 RU, and LiteNetics RIC platform, for the purpose to provide more flexibility and modular solution to enable new services and applications for consumers and businesses. In O-RAN Alliance 4th OTIC Lab plugfest spring 2022, LITEON collaborates with Keysight to verify the FlexFi RU with fronthaul IoT and conformance capability compliance with O-RAN WG4 CONF and IoT spec. For the O-RAN.TIFG.E2E IoT and Performance validation, LITEON's RU joint hands with REIGNS's DU/CU via Keysight emulators UeSIM and CoreSIM. The FlexFi and LiteNetics products demonstrate a new level of flexibility, innovation, and market competition within the 5G industry. LITEON will keep working together with partners of 5G eco-system to develop new applications and provide solutions for enterprise private network to facilitate enterprise digital transformation with future 5G new business opportunities."

Rick Mao, Senior Director, System verification development Div., 5G product development center, PEGATRON Corp.
"To promote the O-RAN solution from the PoC stage to the commercialization stage, Pegatron built traffic models for different use cases in this O-RAN Plugfest and used Keysight UE emulator and core emulator to perform end-to-end function and load tests. Keysight transport network testing and network impairment solutions enabled us to conduct various DoS and fuzzing attack tests on O-RAN open interfaces to ensure the system has no degradation of performance while meeting 3GPP SCAS requirements, as well as confirming that the system can be applied to the real field environment."

Kobus Van der Merwe, professor and director of the POWDER Platform at the University of Utah
"We are pleased that Keysight recognized the potential of the POWDER LaaS environment and could collaborate with them to illustrate the utility of the POWDER LaaS Automation Framework. We look forward to building on this success."

Tony Chen, CMO, SageRAN Technology Co.
"SageRAN is pleased to participate in O-RAN Alliance Global Plugfest Spring and verify its NR E2E solution using Keysight UeSIM solution. SageRAN, as a leading O-RAN protocol stack promoter, has built a good partnership with O-RAN ecosystem members and delivered high-performance O-RAN compliant L1, L2, L3 software, multi-platform NR E2E products, and practical 5G vertical use cases. We believe in-depth collaboration with Keysight, and ecosystem partners will enable the development of Open RAN and rapidly deliver next-gen technology to market."

Lincoln Lavoie, UNH-IOL principal engineer, Broadband Technologies, University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory
"Interoperable systems within 5G and through the edge, as well as front/mid/back haul, to core systems will be critical for the long-term success of 5G deployments. Events like the O-RAN PlugFests and the associated work in the lab reflect the industry's dedication to this ideal."

Gil Hellmann, vice president, Telecom Solutions Engineering, Wind River
"Energy efficiency is increasingly an important element in designing systems for the future. Wind River Studio delivers an integrated cloud platform unifying infrastructure, orchestration, and analytics capabilities to help operators address complex challenges for a cloud-native world. Wind River is proud to be part of the O-RAN Spring PlugFest project which demonstrates how Open RAN can be used to effectively reduce power consumption and cost while improving the environment."

Horen Chen, CTO, WNC
"WNC was delighted to partner with Keysight Technologies in the fourth global PlugFest event, giving us the opportunity to test and verify the interoperability of WNC’s 5G E2E O-RAN solution, comprising O-RU, O-DU, and O-CU," said Horen Chen, CTO of WNC. "As a one-stop-shop total solution provider in the communications industry, WNC will continue to offer customized E2E solutions for a wide range of 5G applications, thereby broadening the 5G network ecosystem."

Sam Bucci executive vice president and general manager, IP Optical Networks Business Unit, Ribbon
"Meaningful 5G xHaul solutions require advanced multiservice programmable networking and that's what our purpose-driven IP Wave framework delivers. Our Neptune Access Router portfolio proved its multiservice IP/MPLS capabilities under stringent conditions by aggregating and transporting multiple Layer 2 and Layer 3 services, leveraging FlexE as required to provide network segregation. We're pleased to participate in PlugFest and help contribute to moving the industry forward."