Check Out the Eggplant Experience for POS Testing

Most retailers would consider using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to optimize the checkout experience as something from the future.

Well, Keysight's Eggplant test automation software makes that a reality today.

Take the self-guided tour, sneak a peek under the hood of Eggplant, and discover the benefits of model-based testing or "digital twins."

Here is a model of a POS and payment devices

Using intelligent computer vision, Eggplant can test anything on a screen without accessing the code. As a result, Eggplant can test any POS platform, regardless of the manufacturer or operating system.

Eggplant testing a POS

Execute an AI-driven test case and see how Eggplant interacts with and controls robotics to test physical actions, such as a credit card payment, just like a real customer.

Eggplant and robotics testing a credit card payment

Explore the test dashboard, analyze how many test cases have passed or failed, how to hit 90% coverage, and compare test runs over a specified period.

Eggplant QA Summary dashboard

You are just one click away from seeing how Eggplant automation intelligence optimizes the checkout experience for your customers and delivers reliable and accurate testing time and again.

Take the tour today.