Retail POS Transformation - A Test Strategy for Success

Retailers are under constant pressure to digitally transform and continuously deliver quality software no matter where their customer's shop. Over the last couple of years, that has predominantly been online with the addition of personalized shopping services, such as curbside pickup. However, as confidence grows in shopping in-person, connecting the omnichannel with in-store experience is being pulled back into focus.

Nevertheless, adjusting to this turbulent retail environment is challenging if a robust software testing strategy isn’t in place. Especially when you need to modernize your point-of-sale (POS) systems without disrupting business-as-usual.

Complexities increase when you consider the number of test scenarios that are specific to your challenges and go-to-market strategies. Not to mention extending the capabilities of your POS platform by adding extra lines of code. The number of test cases explodes, especially when you have to execute them every time a new release happens.

The problem worsens when manual testing creates huge bottlenecks, grinding deployments into production to a halt when adding new features. Retailers are then faced with even longer release cycles, which negatively impact the customer experience.

By implementing test automation powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), retailers can improve software development, enhance quality, and elevate the customer experience at DevOps speed.

Using Keysight’s Eggplant test automation solution and partner IntelliQA robotics, Staples overcame these testing challenges and accelerated the re-platforming of an entire POS network across more than 1,000 stores.

By refreshing their test automation platform, Staples modernized their legacy POS systems, automated testing of new pin pads and payment processing, and improved back-end transactions by removing technical debt.

In the webinar, Retail POS Transformation - A Test Strategy for Success, Jeff Besse, Director of Application Engineering for Staples US Retail, outlines how this was achieved. Alongside Paul Kaye, CEO at IntelliQA, and Zeus Kerravala, Analyst and Founder at ZK Research, you’ll discover the secrets to:

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