The Top 5 Challenges In Mobile Testing For Financial Services

Mobile applications are a critical part of the user journey and often the first touch for customers when interacting with financial institutions. Traditional banks are adapting to user demands that grow each day as technology and human behaviour continue to evolve faster than ever.

iphone mock up - mobile testing-1 In this article, we will talk about the top 5 challenges that testers go through when testing mobile applications for financial organizations.

Why is Mobile Testing important?

In 2025, the number of mobile users worldwide is projected to reach 7.49 billion (Statista). For banks that wish to expand their market presence, investing in Mobile Testing can be the differentiator between gaining new customers with great UX or falling behind competitors that have a superior offering.

The Top 5 challenges in Mobile Testing for Financial Services

1) Different Screen Resolution

There is a vast number of devices available in varied sizes, making it harder for QA Engineers to guarantee their intended design works on different screen resolutions. Eggplant’s approach to solve this issue lies within its visual recognition capabilities. The patented OCR technology enables automated UI testing from the user’s perspective, so regardless of screen size or resolution, Eggplant can test it.

2) Consistent Omnichannel experience

Part of offering great omnichannel user experience is ensuring that the UI, workflows & overall quality stays consistent across different channels. In the Financial Services world, teams use different tools and strategies to test each channel. But In order to achieve consistency, QA teams need to have an integrated testing strategy and be able to test all channels equally, preferably using the same testing platform.

eggplant's unique capabilities

3) User Experience as a whole

Whenever User Experience (UX) is mentioned, people immediately think about the UI of the app, but UX encompasses a lot more than that. Bad battery performance, data inaccuracy, network/bandwidth issues & excessive load times are just some examples of how your mobile banking app could disappoint your customers. Find out how Keysight enabled Xiaomi to validate 5G technology using Eggplant’s AI technology.

4) Device & OS Fragmentation

Similar to the previous challenge, the different types of OS & Devices available in the market grow each year. By having access to Eggplant gateway to Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud, testers are able to run automated tests from Eggplant on any chosen device remotely without having to worry about purchasing or managing equipment.

HubSpot Video

Eggplant's Fusion Engine in action: testing an iPhone 14 Pro remotely from Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud.

5) Security

Security has always been the number one priority for Banks. Two factor authentication, whether via SMS or in-app notification, is an efficient way to check the user’s identity. At the same time, it can also be painful and time-consuming for testers when doing regression testing without the appropriate tool, such as Eggplant Test.

Benefits of Mobile Testing using Eggplant

Accelerate Mobile Application Testing

Considered a Leader in the 2022 IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Mobile Testing and Digital Quality, Eggplant can help you test anything related to mobile devices from end-to-end.

If you have any questions on how Eggplant can help you elevate your mobile banking experience, please get in touch with one of our experts in Test Automation.