Oh, the Places You’ll Go With Your FieldFox

We recently announced the newest members of the FieldFox family! These new models give you frequency coverage up to 54 GHz with 120 MHz of bandwidth, ideal for mmWave technology deployment and interference troubleshooting in the field. I’m so excited about these next-generation handheld analyzers that I wrote a poem about them.

Keysight FieldFox N9952B handheld analyzer

Oh, the Places You’ll Go with Your FieldFox

You’ve made it this far.
Your technologies are evolving,
like the driverless car.

You need millimeter-wave testing
to make sure your stuff works.
You’re finished in the lab,
but there’re some field deployment quirks.

Grab your tool belt and tool kit.
Put on your steel-toed shoes.
Charge up your FieldFox.
Save the measurement state you choose.

Travel to your remote destination.
Locate the antenna you want to test.
Don’t worry about weather or battery life
Because FieldFox is the industry’s best.

If you need to climb up a tower,
No need to fret.
FieldFox is lightweight and portable
So, you are all set.

With over 25 measurement capabilities
in just one lightweight box,
you’ll never sacrifice capability or portability
with a handy FieldFox.

Verify 5G installations.
Troubleshoot interference.
Test network coverage.
Obtain compliance clearance.

Oh, the places you’ll go with your FieldFox.
Your field-test capabilities are endless.
Unlock your millimeter-wave potential in the field
and your impact will be tremendous.


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