2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Behind on your holiday shopping? What do you get for the person that has everything? We’ve put together some last-minute gift ideas for you. Don’t sleep on these innovative, one-of-a-kind gifts for you and your loved ones!

Paris’ Pick:

Stuck at home and not travelling this Christmas? Gather the family to participate in a fun, virtual Santa-tracking-trip using Keysight’s 5G auto-radar signal analyzers!

santa in a sleigh on a world map and radar tracking in he corner

Jessica’s picks:

Is your partner sending you mixed signals on what gift they want? Give them an N9041B UXA Signal Analyzer to help them demodulate their indecision.

Signal analyzer with santa hat on attached to a calibration tool

Santa hat png from pngtree.com

And now for the stocking stuffers: we know you've been waiting all year for a way to calibrate out phase errors in your wideband measurements. Throw an RCal receiver calibrator in your family's stockings to have on hand when they start developing 5G NR products.

person holding an RCal pod attached to a signal analyzer

Sarah’s picks:

Want to get that hot-cocoa-loving engineer in your life something special? Consider gifting them the perfect mug this holiday season:

mug sitting on a desk with a person holding an oscilloscope on it

Want to be that person in the office with the coolest RF analyzer accessories? Strut your stuff and show off your style with the new, fuzzy FieldFox analyzer cover. Your hands will never go cold when working outside with this cover on your FieldFox!

FieldFox with a green fuzzy carrying case

Matt’s picks:

Electrical engineers seem to love wire, and it comes in lots of fun colors. Get them a large spool of wire and they’ll be happy to do whatever it is they do with it.

Person in a construction environment holding a spool of wire

With so many people working remotely these days, office banter is at an all-time low. Help your teammates and loved ones build morale with Keysight’s eCoworker. eCoworker pulls live data to make small talk about the weather, sports, and plans for the weekend.

People in an office environment huddled around a desk including a robot

Daniel’s picks:

Why gift a snow blower when you can gift a snow melter?! A simple modification of a UXR oscilloscope will convert your 110 GHz signal-crunching-beast of an oscilloscope into a tool that will melt down your ice-covered driveway. I promise this gift is fire!

Here’s how to do it:

*No, it’s not. This is an unapproved Keysight mod. Stopping/blocking your fans might literally melt down your scope. Even worse, the thermal noise would be off the charts and your signal integrity would be garbage!

an oscilloscope on fire on a bbq pit

Linas’ pick:

Do your kids not understand you? The U4431A Protocol Analyzer may be the perfect gift for them. Get two – one for you and one for the kids. Keysight also sells a software option for the Protocol Analyzer called “Significant Partner Analyzer 2.0”. It’s a subscription-based product.

Keysight protocol analyzer surrounded by holiday lights

Hopefully this Gift Guide helps take the stress out of gift-giving this season. From all of us at Keysight, have a safe and happy holiday!

Some of these products do not exist. This blog is written for humor and we hope it brought you some holiday cheer.