Choose the correct DC power supply for your application

To help you pick the correct DC power supply for your application, I would like to go through some crucial criteria to consider.

Bench Power Supplies vs ATE Power Supplies

DC power supplies are segmented between bench versus ATE use cases. Bench power supplies have large, legible displays and a user interface so you can easily control all aspects of the power supply from the front panel. In addition, the output terminals are easily accessible from the front.

Bench Power Supply Bench Power Supplies

ATE power supplies ATE Power Supplies

DC Power Supply Specifications

It is critical to select a supply that provides the right amount of power to meet your application needs. Keysight offers low, medium, and high-power solutions from a few watts to hundreds of kW.

In selecting a DC power supply, it is also essential to pick one that meets the noise requirements of your application. Some devices, such as audio amplifiers, represent noise-sensitive applications. So, they require extremely low noise and ripple from a power source as this can introduce test challenges and errors in results. Programming accuracy is also essential for demanding applications requiring the precise setting of voltage and current levels.

Modern DC power supplies are optimized for application-specific testing and analysis for today's devices. For example, measuring parameters such as an IoT device's dynamic current draw to analyze battery drain easily is an important capability that Keysight can provide.

Another characteristic to consider is the DC power supply's command processing and output response time. Command processing time is how quickly the DC power supply can execute a command and the output response time is how long it takes for the voltage to transition and settle to the programmed setting. These characteristics determine power supply speed and can significantly affect throughput on a factory line.

Next, do you have an application that uses multiple voltage rails and need to turn the rails on and off in a specific sequence? If so, it is vital to consider a multi-output DC power supply that provides built-in sequencing capability that allows you to precisely control when the outputs turn on and off.

Modular DC Power Supplies

Do your test requirements vary in terms of the power required, accuracy, or other factors? If so, you should consider using a modular DC power supply. Modular DC power supplies allow you to mix and match power levels and performance levels with a single mainframe. You can even integrate electronic loads.


One last consideration I would like to mention is if software is applicable for your application. You can use software to control instruments, automate tests, and perform in-depth analyses. Keysight offers a range of software solutions for our DC power supply portfolio to meet your application needs.

Product Selection Guide

For more information and insight on picking the correct DC power supply, please check out the DC Power Product Selection Guide. \