Keysight World: Live From the Lab

Now part of the Keysight World family of events, Live from the Lab is bigger and better than ever.

This bi-monthly live series features tips & tricks, engineering experiments, and Q&A sessions with industry experts that will take your skills to the next level.

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The first event day is March 14 at 8 AM PT / 6 PM CET.

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What to Expect

Each event day during Keysight World: Live from the Lab, we're digging into a hot engineering trend or topic. Here's the schedule:

March 14 - Debunking Circuit Design Myths

How accurate is conventional PCB wisdom? What happens when we force designs into weird corner cases? For example, how does a 50 Ω controlled impedance path change when it's dipped in liquid nitrogen?

Pouring Liquid Nitrogen onto a PCB

We'll compare real-world board measurements to the simulation and dig into concepts every electrical engineer needs to know - things like return current paths, via stubs, VNA tips, and more.

May 16 - Power for IoT Devices

Experienced IoT device designers know that success hinges on optimizing power consumption and battery performance. They need to know how well their device works in real-world conditions.

Proper testing is the only way to make sure a device will behave the way it's supposed to.

During this hands-on session, we'll analyze device current drain, explore a battery's non-ideal characteristics (and why two "identical" batteries might behave differently), make essential DC-DC converter tests, and more.

July 18 - Can You Build Your Own Quantum Computer?

Peek inside modern quantum labs and see the engineering that makes this tech tick! If you have questions you want answered or topics you want us to cover for quantum computing, let us know on social with the hashtag #KeysightLive.

September 12 - Demystifying 6G and RF Engineering

Join us for expert sessions as we break down cutting-edge wireless communication technologies. If you have questions you want answered or topics you want us to cover for 6G & RF Engineering, let us know on social with the hashtag #KeysightLive.


Over 20 pieces of pro-grade test gear including two 6 GHz, 8 channel Keysight MXR oscilloscopes.

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