Illustrated concept of AI -based technology

[Infographic] AI Technology: Overhyped or Super-Smart DNA?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is touted as a key capability in technology for every sector. AI has powerful capabilities and can improve decision-making at every touchpoint across an organization. But how can decision-makers determine whether the AI will perform as promised—or if what is being sold is AI at all? On the surface, AI seems like a complex technology, and its capabilities difficult to understand. The reality, however, is much more straightforward.

The potential of any AI can be determined by inspecting three components—the precision of its measurements, the quality of the algorithm, and how well the machine learning (ML) outputs work at a system level.

Use this infographic as a reference to learn more about how to identify quality AI and determine the right questions to ask when researching potential AI-enabled technologies.

An infographic with images and icons that breaks down the core components of artificial intelligence.