Tracking Process Scrap using the Work-in-Progress (WIP) dashboard in PathWave Manufacturing Analytics (PMA)

Manufacturing often faces a common issue, "Nobody owns scrap". OEMs are charged for the scrap generated during the manufacturing process, but they do not know where it comes from. They face a challenge in differentiating boards between WIP and scrap. Scrap boards refers to boards that are built but unable to ship and deliver for revenue (discarded leading to cost drainage). This means building more boards to deliver the quantity ordered. Whereas WIP boards are the ones that have failed but are undergoing fixes and have the possibility of being a retest pass.

The Work-in-Progress (WIP) dashboard provides OEMs with insights into the manufacturing products to track them at different stages.

The Work-In-Progress (WIP) Dashboard highlights the identified bone pile based on ageing duration at both ICT and FCT stations. Users can make use of the WIP dashboard to calculate the scrap cost. The dashboard also provides actionable analytical insights about the common issues with failing boards that prevent the board from progressing to a shipment state.

WIP dashboard showing key metrics along with Scrap trend and Test Names with highest scrap rates

Users can drill into the Test Name where the new window will provide a scatterplot and key metrics for that Test Name

Clicking on the scrap trend chart opens the Scrap board information window showing each of the board labelled as “scrap”, giving detailed information of each board

It is understood that in manufacturing, it will not be a perfect scenario where every board built will be passed and shipped (leading to revenue realization). Hence, users have flexibility to configure a scrap threshold percentage which will help send an alert when the scrap percentage goes beyond the defined threshold. A user can also configure the Aging Duration followed by their manufacturing process.

Salient benefits of the WIP dashboard –


WIP: Work in progress that is in debug/repair but has not yet been identified as scrap.

Scrap: Product that is going to be written off and thrown away. No longer going to work on it and decided to throw it away.

Bone Pile: A volume of problem boards which cannot pass a given process step.

Aging Duration: Board does not pass the process step ICT/FCT and are stuck at that step for a certain time of period.