ECOC 2022 Discoveries

ECOC 2022 in Basel, Switzerland, has come to an end - with Keysight having successfully discovered exciting new solutions at the largest exhibition on optical communications in Europe.

The star here was our new M8199B 256 GSa/ s arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) which was introduced at the show. With more than 80 GHz bandwidth, the new AWG enables 160 Gbaud serial data generation at the highest signal quality. The M8199B was involved in a world record presented at ECOC: the highest symbol rate of 260 GBaud in coherent optical transmissions enabling the highest net bitrate of > 2 Tbit/s / carrier transmitted over standard single-mode fiber.

Presenting the industry's fastest AWG M8199B

Another highlight was the PAM4-, PAM6- and PAM8 capable M8050A 120 GBaud BERT that enables 224Gbps designs. Validating next-gen optical designs with the DCA-X sampling oscilloscope N1000A and the new optical reference receiver N1032A which provides PAM4 analysis up to 120 GHz bandwidth. Keysight brought a validation solution for 400G and 800G optical transceiver modules.

Discussing 224 Gbps PAM8 measurements with the M8050A 120 Gbaud high-performance BERT\

800G multimode design verification

The Keysight OIF-CEI-224G test demo on a Synopsys DUT at the OIF booth

Another Keysight demo at the OIF booth: 400ZR EVM measurements

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Behind-the-scenes moment at the show