Accelerate your application releases with continuous functional testing

Software development teams are under immense pressure to innovate and digitally transform business-critical applications. When faced with disruptive change, some teams struggle to adapt because their software delivery capabilities are built on legacy IT infrastructure. Relying on time-consuming outdated tools for manual testing that are expensive to scale further adds to the challenge.

As organizations move away from monolithic IT operating models and embrace loosely coupled microservices, testing digital journeys becomes more relevant and necessary. However, testing across APIs, multi-layered technologies, and integrations with back-end and front-end services increase combinations and permutations of user actions along these journeys. Consequently, teams have trouble scaling the testing surface and not delaying a release when updates and feature roll-outs are required to meet customer demand and keep pace with competitors.

To overcome these challenges and accelerate software delivery, QA (Quality Assurance) teams have increasingly embraced the continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) of release cycles. To ensure releases exceed quality metrics now is the time to include Continuous Testing (CT) in your DevOps processes for broader test coverage and auto-generated test scripts and snippets.

Optimize DevOps with Keysight's Continuous Testing Bootcamp on March 1 is your chance to learn how test automation not only modernizes application development but also accelerates the digital transformation of your organization.

Kicking off the event keynote is Emily Freeman, a leading technologist and author of DevOps for Dummies. Emily will discuss what's next for DevOps and her modern Revolution model approach to improve the software development life cycle (SDLC).

In addition, the Bootcamp contains short technical courses for easy consumption of DevOps 101, test automation best practices, and application testing of the user layer:

Modern Application Development with DevOps

Discover proven DevOps best practices and how to implement them to accelerate continuous quality software releases.

How to Expand Test Automation for Increasingly Complex and Faster Release Cycles

Uncover how to seamlessly integrate AI-driven testing with your DevOps pipeline to quickly expand an application's coverage with intelligent testing.

As well as a choice between two practical, technical training courses:

Implementing Modern Continuous Test Automation

Learn to scale and maintain automated tests and see a live demonstration of how to integrate the Eggplant test automation solution with essential software management tools, such as Jira and Jenkins, to optimize your CI/CD pipeline.

Full-Stack, End-to-End Testing

Understand how to implement modern testing to verify the end-to-end data journey from databases through APIs to object layers and validate the user interface layer.

Register today, expand your knowledge, and learn how to solve challenging test issues.