Is Your eCommerce App Mobile Optimized?

Let’s admit it: we’ve all grown to love the option to browse, shop, and conduct product research right from the palm of our hands. As a result, grocery, retail, and delivery apps have all seen steady increases in adoption while we continue to increase our digital needs.

That raises the question to retailers everywhere — is it time to ask if your eCommerce app is mobile optimized? To provide an answer to this, we need to focus on the customer experience.

Arguably, no industry is more aware of the critical importance of delivering a consistent, high-quality customer experience than the retail sector. Whether it’s a self-checkout point-of-sale system in a brick-and-mortar location, a mobile scanner on the storeroom floor, or an eCommerce presence across multiple digital channels, customers expect retail technology to provide the right experience at every interaction for a seamless transaction.

From small things like load times to having to register or create an account before making a purchase can determine whether customers transform from browsers into committed buyers.

If companies fail to deliver on these expectations, the average customer won’t hesitate to go elsewhere. Reports have shown the majority of customers admit that they have stopped doing business with brands that failed to provide an engaging customer experience.

When you then add disruptive technologies like AI, 5G, and IoT into the equation, brands now face constant pressure to innovate. What might have been perceived as a high-quality experience just a couple of months ago could quickly be rendered ineffective as more innovations come to market.

Blending both digital and physical worlds is, of course, no easy feat. However, the key component uniting all the variables at play is having complete confidence in your technology. This new reality has elevated software and application testing from a compliance function to a strategic objective with a bottom-line impact.

Remember, the true determining factor that drives success in the digital age is exceedingly simple: the customers’ perception of performance and technology that works.

That’s where Eggplant can help. Our products equip ecommerce companies with this capability and more through our unique combination of automated exploratory and fixed regression packs testing.

Eggplant’s AI-driven approach to testing evaluates technology investments through the eyes of retail’s most critical stakeholder: the customer.

Find out more about Eggplant for Ecommerce in our eBook: The Ultimate Ecommerce Testing Playbook.