Eggplant x Sauce Labs: from partnership to product integration

In June, Eggplant announced a new strategic partnership with Sauce Labs, a market leader in real device cloud testing. This strategic alliance enables Eggplant users to quickly scale and increase test coverage, whilst driving down costs and operational burden.

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“Every company is striving to build digital confidence while also eliminating any bottlenecks in testing. This partnership empowers software development and QA teams to ship faster with higher quality. Keysight’s Eggplant cloud-based test automation platform, in conjunction with the Sauce Labs device clouds and DevOps Test Toolchain, empowers customers to add breadth, depth, and scale to their testing.”

- John Kelly, Chief Strategy Officer at Sauce Labs

The development of the partnership

Today we are proud to unveil a new faster way to connect to Sauce Labs. With the touch of one button, users can test across the broad range of devices available directly from Eggplant Test.

One of the biggest improvements made available on our Fusion Engine is the ability to test IOS & Android devices from Windows, Linux & Macintosh in a simple and smart way. This new experience will streamline how you test, offering the most efficient route to connect to a Sauce Labs SUT (System Under Test) without any additional steps.

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Eggplant's Fusion Engine in action: testing an Iphone 14 Pro remotely from Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud.

Challenges of device testing

Testing across multiple platforms is challenging and ensuring device compatibility can be a major issue for modern enterprises. Maintaining a costly on-site device lab is only part of the challenge; the management of testing across the diverse range of operating systems, browsers, and devices adds to the complexity of testing.

Benefits of using Eggplant Test & Sauce Labs Device Cloud

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The importance of strategic alliances

At Eggplant, we partner with leading technology companies and service firms that share our vision of creating amazing digital experiences. Partners gain access to latest products, tools, training, and support help to deliver proven, intelligent test automation and monitoring solutions for customers.

“ The customer is at the center of everything we do when we build long lasting strategic alliances with our partners. When all parties involved share a customer centric mindset, everyone wins. This was the case of Sauce Labs, where we realized there were lots of synergies and opportunity of growth.”

- Toby Marsden, VP of Global Alliances at Eggplant, Keysight

Eggplant & Sauce Labs upcoming events

Both organisations will be attending Kubecon (Mon 24th Oct - Fri 28th Oct). If you are looking to attend the event, don’t forget to stop at our booths to learn more about Eggplant and how we can help your organisation automate mobile testing & scale your testing strategy.

See Eggplant Test for yourself

If you’re an existing DAI or EPF user, you can upgrade by following the instructions in our documentation portal. Users of the browser-based version of DAI will have immediate access to the new features.

If you have any questions or want to connect with one of our test automation experts, please get in touch. Or if you aren’t yet an Eggplant customer, you can easily sign up for a free trial of Eggplant here.