How to Automate Ethernet Testing

Testing hardware performance is not something that we can do in seconds. Today we have so many standards and regulations that you must make sure hardware is producing the correct results to pass qualification. This is no difference for ethernet hardware debugging and verification, thus we can spend many hours on repetitive tests alone.

PathWave Instrument Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software is a simple no-code automation solution to enable faster manual tests. Allowing to automate either multiple test instrumentation at once or a single connection. The software increases efficiency by not only automating but orchestrating repetitive tasks in their workflow by configuring and parameterizing recordings and replaying these newly created workflows.

• Automate away complexity and repetition via no-code, one-button record and playback operation
• Remotely access, orchestrate and control your measurement setup
• Automate and parameterize UI interactions with your instruments and DUTs
• Collaborate and share learnings

If we combine PathWave Instrument RPA software with a high-performance oscilloscope, such as the Infiniium MXR Oscilloscope, it helps accurately verify Ethernet designs to assist in quick tests alongside a device under test (DUT) control tool. PathWave Instrument RPA combined with Keysight’s Infiniium MXR oscilloscope allows you to automate device under test (DUT) control settings, remotely change oscilloscope parameters, and capture performance results over multiple tests. With easy recording, playback, and no code writing needed. An example can be seen of an automated ethernet test setup in figure 1.

This combination allows for ethernet automated testing and with PathWave Instrument RPA you can take advantage of compatibility with many test instruments. Research and development (R&D) engineers and technicians can take advantage of this automation as the software removes the complexity, and effort required to develop custom scripts using SCPI or device-specific driver commands.

Learn how to start automating with this ethernet hardware verification guide. \