New Podcast: Source De[Code] Demystifies Tech, One Episode at a Time

Technology is a ubiquitous reality that facilitates nearly every aspect of daily life. But as advancements in emerging technologies accelerate, keeping up with the latest technology buzzwords becomes a daunting endeavor. Keysight’s newest podcast, Source De[Code], demystifies tech jargon and sheds light on the latest technology trends poised to transform daily life.

It’s safe to say that for Source De[Code] host and Keysight 6G Solutions Marketing Lead, Ben Coffin, technology is more than a professional interest. Like tech enthusiasts everywhere, Ben approaches these new and trending technology areas with curiosity and wonder. Source De[Code] listeners can join a fellow tech enthusiast as he dives deeper into complex, trending tech topics and learns about the use cases behind the jargon from the best and brightest in their fields.

Over the course of ten episodes, Source De[Code] listeners will join Ben Coffin and renowned technologists on a journey into the wild worlds of artificial intelligence, digital twins, big data, and the metaverse. “New and emerging technologies promise big things that seem like they belong in the realm of sci-fi rather than the real world,” explains Ben. As Keysight’s 6G solutions marketing lead, Ben understands the significance of differentiating hype from reality. “Without the context of practical applications, these technologies remain somewhat intimidating buzz words.”

Source De[Code] is designed to inform and inspire anyone who has an interest in technology, and—hopefully—incite a new passion in those who find the topic daunting. From people in the tech industry professionals to fans of sci-fi and Marvel fans, Source De[Code] can help listeners reframe their current understanding of myth-like new technologies and introduce them to new technologies to explore.

What to Expect in Season 1

Keeping up with the latest technology buzzwords is a daunting endeavor - let alone understanding how emerging technologies work or if they'll impact your day-to-day life. If you've ever wished for a magic decoder ring to shed light on the latest technology trends and jargon, you'll want to listen to Keysight's new podcast, Source De[Code].

Artificial Intelligence

Learning For decades, sci-fi authors and screenwriters have used AI as a plot device supporting both utopian and dystopian visions. Recent advances have made the technology more accessible to consumers, resulting in a steep uptick in headline appearances from across the spectrum of media outlets. In the first three episodes of Source De([code)]’s inaugural season, host Ben Coffin will be joined by technologists who are developing and using AI in their work to separate the facts from (science) fiction surrounding AI.

Big Data

While big data does not have the same profile in the world of popular culture, the futuristic technologies that are commonplace in sci-fi are becoming a reality in order to better collect, manage, and leverage the immense amounts of data being produced today. Episodes six through nine of Source De[Code] are a deep dive into what big data is used for, what is required to properly leverage it, and big data’s role in meeting the rising expectations of technology consumers.

The Metaverse

In the season finale, Ben sits down with two special guests to apply his newly found understanding of AI, digital twins, and big data to the biggest buzz word of 2022: the Metaverse. Mark Zuckerburg’s vision of the Metaverse leans into the understanding that the lines separating the physical and digital worlds have blurred into near nonexistence. Ben and his guests will explore the reality and potential for the immersive, ‘phygital’ future that the Metaverse concept represents.

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