Keysight University Live!

Keysight University Live is happening now! Wondering what it’s all about?

This online event for engineers features tips, tricks, and prizes that will make you an engineering legend. Enter now for a free early entry and tune in March 15 for daily chances to learn and win test gear.
[Update: The event is now over, but you can still learn along with the tens of thousands of engineers that atteneded by clicking the sign-up links below!]

Learn tips & tricks, hear from industry experts, and get a sneak peek at never-before-seen test gear. You could also win more than $300,000 in oscilloscopes, RF, and bench equipment – you don’t want to miss this!

Tune into the Keysight University Live homepage and the Keysight Labs YouTube channel for the day 1 livestream to get started now.


What’s going on & when?

A Keysight University Live “event day” occurs daily March 15 – 19, and each Tuesday March 23 – April 27.

Each event day features a fresh test gear or engineering how-to tip video, interviews with industry leaders, and a random drawing giving away the latest test gear.

Without spoiling all the fun, here’s are some of what’s coming:


There will be 101 total prizes: 2 Grand Prize winners, 9 first prize winners, 55 second Prize winners, and 35 third prize winners.

Grand Prize:

There will be two Grand Prize winners, one drawn on March 19 and one on April 27. Each winner will receive their choice of one of the following:

EXR254A 2.5 GHz Infiniium oscilloscope
DSOX6004A 6 GHz InfiniiVision oscilloscope
P5002A Streamline USB vector network analyzer, or an
N9918A FieldFox handheld microwave analyzer

First Prize:

There will be nine total First Prize winners, drawn daily March 15 – 19 and each Tuesday March 23 – April 20. Each winner will receive their choice of one of the following:

DSOX3054T 500 MHz InfiniiVision oscilloscope
N9310A RF signal generator
33622A 120 MHz, 2 channel Trueform waveform/function generator
34470A Truevolt 7.5 digit digital multimeter
EL34234A electronic load

Second and Third Prize:

There will be 55 second prize winners and 35 third prize winners. Five second prize winners and 3 third prize winners will be drawn each event day with additional prize winners drawn on April 27.

Second prize winners will receive their choice of a DSOX1204G InfiniiVision oscilloscope or one of the yet-to-be-announced NEW Keysight benchtop products that will be released on March 15.

Third prize winners will receive a U1282A Handheld DMM.

How Do I Join the Festivities?

Sign up at There you’ll find each day’s videos and be entered for all drawings. Sign up now to give yourself the best chance to learn and win. Good luck!

Make sure to check out the first day’s video and drawing on March 15 here.