To ensure 5G lives up to its promise, mobile network operators and network equipment manufacturers need comprehensive, proactive test strategies that promote maximum network coverage and performance. Network verification and optimization, network benchmarking, and site acceptance and monitoring are essential for maintaining quality networks, reducing customer churn, and deploying 5G services.

Analyze Your Live 5G New Radio Network Performance

Nemo Wireless Solutions provide measurement and analytics functionality to enable operators to cost-effectively optimize their processes and wireless networks.

Network Verification and Optimization

Wireless network optimization enables operators to measure and test the capacity and quality of their 5G networks. Keysight’s Nemo optimization tools support field test and verification of advanced 5G NR technologies such as dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), O-RAN, beamforming, and massive MIMO.

Additionally, Nemo tools include the following advanced optimization features:

  • beam coverage visualization
  • 5G-LTE coverage comparison
  • low-coverage detection
  • high-interference detection
  • pilot pollution analysis
  • cell dominance analysis
  • mobile edge computing analysis
  • Qualcomm raw log file analysis


Wireless network benchmarking gives operators insight into how their network quality compares with the competition. Keysight’s Nemo benchmarking products, with ready-made report templates, provide qualitative information about where to build coverage and what key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve. Nemo solutions enable fast comparison of multiple wireless operator networks against each other, indoors and outdoors.

Nemo benchmarking tools support remote cloud-based monitoring and measurement control automation, minimizing manual work, reducing OpEx, and improving quality.

automating site acceptance operations


Automating site acceptance operations ensures timely rollouts by increasing the number of sites that can be tested per day. Keysight’s Nemo solution for 5G site acceptance automates the process, enabling cost-effective and timely measurements and approvals. An integrated process from measurement and remote monitoring, to automatic post processing and acceptance reporting provides real-time visibility into measurement results — reducing human intervention.

Instant acceptance reports with market-relevant KPIs enable operators to swiftly roll out networks. The guided testing workflow ensures uniform verification of each site, maximizing quality and efficiency and minimizing human error. With real-time monitoring and immediate pass/fail feedback, site issues can be identified and rectified instantly.


The ability to monitor network performance and quality of experience in real time enables operators to proactively react to anomalies and reduce customer churn. Keysight provides a unique platform that connects various Nemo products into one powerful, industry-leading remote monitoring solution. The solution enables remote access and control of Keysight’s measurement and analytics solutions. It also enables efficient data sharing between users — either on-demand or 24/7.

Nemo Cloud acts as the primary user interface for remote monitoring. The connected measurement solutions support 4G and 5G, as well as all the latest flagship devices and test protocols. The solution provides KPIs in real time and supports hundreds of test cases.


Mobile operators need to evaluate how well 5G devices and base stations will perform on a live 5G NR network as new models, features, and versions become available. 

Keysight’s Performance Benchmarking for Lab Networks enables mobile operators to flexibly, confidently, and cost-effectively evaluate multiple devices in a single test campaign using live base stations or a 5G base station using a reference 5G device. Customers can compile KPIs across multiple test cases and generate a single score, reinforcing objective comparisons between the different models or versions under test. The solution comes with a single user interface for test plan execution, analysis, report generation, and access to historical records.

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