What's New in Genesys Release 2004.07

Genesys Release 2004.07 now includes Sonnet electromagnetic (EM) simulator integration, 13 additional substrate-dependent RLC models from Modelithics, and Advanced Modeling Kit enhancements. These new products continue the enterprise EDA direction of Eagleware in developing a superior design flow that help teams of engineers work together better in the corporate environment.

Sonnet Integration

Specifically designed for those who prefer to use Sonnet’s EM simulator, Sonnet Integration is available for the first time in Genesys Release 2004. Unlike EM simulators offered by others, all Eagleware electromagnetic simulator interfaces work directly from the Genesys PCB board layout. In addition, Genesys’s Sonnet Integration directly supports lumped-elements such as transistors and capacitors automatically, again a feature unique to Eagleware. The Sonnet Integration enhances the use of Genesys in an integrated corporate environment and extends the capabilities of both the Sonnet EM simulator and Genesys.

Updated and Expanded Substrate Dependent RLC Libraries

Thirteen new families of capacitors, inductors, and resistors have been added to the popular substrate dependent model libraries from Modelithics. In addition to the new models, the latest release includes comprehensive datasheets that can be accessed easily through the part-selector window. The use of the RLC library dramatically improves the component modeling accuracy of microwave and printed boards, thus reducing the time and expense associated with optimizing designs. Models added include:

  • ATC 0805 Capacitor (600F)
  • ATC 180R Capacitor
  • ATC 100B Capacitor with alternate footprint
  • AVX 1210 Capacitor (12101U)
  • Epcos 0402 Capacitor (B37923K5)
  • KOA Speer 0402 Capacitor (HFC1005)
  • Presidio 0502 Capacitor (BB0502X7R104M)
  • Vishay 0402 Capacitor (HPC0402)
  • Coilcraft 0906 Inductor
  • Coilcraft 1606 Inductor
  • Panasonic 0201 Inductor (ELJRG)
  • Taiyo Yuden 0201 Inductor (HK0603)
  • Toko 0603 Inductor (LL1608-FS)
  • KOA Speer 0201 Resistor (RK73B1H)

Improved Documentation and Access to Advanced Modeling Kit Models

Genesys’s advanced modeling kit enables designers to quickly develop or exchange nonlinear device models using open compact model interface (CMI), based on the industry-standard Verilog-A modeling language. Genesys Release 2004 features improved documentation and the capability to access all built-in AMK models through the nonlinear toolbar and part-selector window. AMK models include:

  • Angelov
  • Parker-Skellern
  • MOS9
  • BSIM4
  • EKV
  • TFT and TFT_Asia
  • Mextram
  • Phillips Juncap
  • Step Recovery Diode

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