The arrival of 5G introduces new opportunities in the industrial landscape: It has the capacity to support a huge number of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices simultaneously. While 5G can empower Smart Factories with agility, it also increases the complexity in connectivity and network testing as it must deliver broader bandwidths, higher frequencies, lower latencies, and enable machine-to-machine communication.

Realize your Vision of Industry 4.0

Technical expertise from Keysight can help you bring your Industry 4.0 vision to life. Gain insights across the test workflow, from preparation, network emulation, deployment, to IoT cybersecurity and 5G network test and predictive analytics.


Solutions from Keysight can help accelerate your Industry 4.0 innovations and ensure they perform as expected across the entire product life cycle, from design to deployment. From device design and test to field and deployment, network visibility, and productivity optimization, Keysight can help you accomplish your industrial IoT vision.

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