PNA and PNA-X Series Vector Network Analyzers Option 090 Spectrum Analyzer

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PNA and PNA-X Series Vector Network Analyzers

Option 090 Spectrum Analyzer

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Component test spectrum analysis challenges

  • Measuring spurious performance is time consuming, especially when searching for low-level spurs over a broad frequency range
  • Long measurement times may force insufficient test coverage
  • Characterizing spurs over an operating range of the DUT is tedious to accomplish or requires external control software

Fast spur search over wide frequency ranges, up to 67 GHz

The spectrum analyzer option adds a fast spur search capability to the PNA and PNA-X Series, replacing a standalone spectrum analyzer and switch matrix in component-characterization test systems.

Simultaneous multi-channel spectrum analyzer measurements

Having spectrum analyzers on all ports of a mixer or converter provides unparalleled insight into the performance of the device. With a single set of connections, the spurious content emanating from all ports is readily apparent during operation with fixed or swept stimuli. Simultaneous measurements may include:

  • RF input
  • LO feed-through
  • RF reflection
  • LO harmonics
  • RF feed-through
  • IF output
  • RF harmonics
  • High-/sub-order mixing spurs
  • LO reflection

PNA spectrum analyzer (SA) option provides

Unlock true performance with vector network analyzer (VNA) calibration

VNA calibration and fixture de-embedding removes cable and fixture effects and corrects receiver response errors; providing calibrated in-fixture/on-wafer spectrum analysis. Deliver a known stimulus power to the DUT by using the power-compensation feature to overcome the loss of the fixture or probes.

Simplify test stations with an expanded single connection, multiple-measurement capability

PNA series Option 090 overview


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