X-Series Measurement Applications

cdma2000® Measurement Application, Traditional UI

Dieses Paket ist Teil von PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications

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Die wichtigsten Leistungsmerkmale

  • 30-Day Free Trial for X-Series Measurement Applications
  • Compliant with 3GPP2 Release A, supports IS-95 or cdmaOne and cdma2000® for forward link and reverse link  
  • Forward and reverse link measurements: Composite rho and EVM, QPSK EVM, code domain, code domain error, frequency error, time offset and power measurements, etc
  • Support automatic detection of forward link signals from radio configuration (RC) 1 to 5
  • Support Display code domain power (CDP) results in Hadamard or bit-reverse
  • Specify chip and PN offsets, and measurement interval from 1 to 32 PCG (1 PCG=1536 chips)
  • Performance: Composite EVM: up to 1.0 %; ACLR: up to -83 (-88 dBc typical); Power accuracy: up to ±0.23 dB (at 95th percentile)
  • Support traditional user interface and SCPI remote interface programming
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included

Dieses Paket beinhaltet

  • N9072EM0D X-Series measurement application license for cdma2000 forward link and reverse link RF conformance measurements with tradtional UI
  • cdma2000 measurement application software subscription and support (12-month)



Instrument Compatibility

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PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications — The industry's broadest offering of measurement applications for benchtop and modular signal analyzers for cellular communications, wireless connectivity, aerospace/defense, and general purpose.

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