N6700 Series Modular System Power Supplies

Small, fast, and flexible modular power supply

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Our Most Popular ATE Power Supply

Automated test equipment (ATE) systems often require more than one power source. The Keysight N6700 Series provides up to four outputs per mainframe. An independent module is the source for each output, allowing for the customization of voltage, current, and performance. DC electronic load modules are also available, allowing testing of power sources in the same 1U high mainframe.

  • Choose from 400, 600, or 1200 W mainframe
  • Modular solution with 1U low-profile
  • Up to four outputs per mainframe
  • Mix and match module power and performance levels
  • Choose modules from three levels of performance
  • Sink current with DC electronic load modules
  • Fast command processing and settling times
  • Interfaces available — LAN (LXI Core), USB, GPIB

Small, Fast, and Flexible

Mix and match up to four DC power supply and load modules in a compact 1U mainframe. Basic performance modules provide good value for general-purpose testing. Higher performance modules eliminate the need for an external multimeter. Precision modules output power arbitrary waveforms, plus digitize voltage and current. Choose the modules that best meet your needs.

Key Specifications

Number of Outputs

Up to 4

Total Power

400 to 1200 W

Ripple and Noise

<350 µVrms


0.025% +1.8 mV

Modern Connectivity


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Build Your Own Modular Power System

Compact 1U mainframe accepts one to four DC power modules in any combination

Order modules separately

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400 W

Good value for low power applications — up to 400 W output power

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600 W

Power a mix of 100 and 300 W modules — up to 600 W total output power

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1200 W

Designed for 300 and 500 W modules — up to 1200 W output power

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