The future of 5G, automotive, and IoT is here. Are you ready?

Enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT, and mission-critical applications all depend on secure communications, devices, and networks. The next-generation of mobile broadband applications demands higher precision, tighter tolerances, and more robust designs. Keysight is your partner to achieve the most reliable and successful designs and deployments for your mission-critical projects.

In today’s hyper-connected world, lives depend on reliable connectivity. Ultra-reliable 5G communications, connected vehicles, and IoT devices in the home and medical environments redefine the need for mission-critical reliability, performance, and efficiency. Maximize your time-to-market and secure your company’s success by partnering with the recognized leader in 5G standards. Accelerate your workflow from design to test to manufacturing with the latest solutions from Keysight.

Connect with Keysight’s experts to learn how we can help you address your latest challenges in 5G, IoT, and connected car applications.


Keysight’s experts will be demonstrating the latest test solutions to help accelerate your innovations in 5G, automotive, and IoT.

Chipset and Device Solutions

  • C-V2X Connected Car 
  • Complete 5G OTA Test System
  • 5G Device Workflow
  • 5G Channel Emulator

Infrastructure Test Solutions

  • Streamline 5G Manufacturing 
  • 5G RAN Field Measurements
  • Advancing 5G O-RAN
  • Accelerate gNB Characterization

Operator Solutions

  • UE Emulation for gNB Validation
  • Architect For Network Security
  • Benchmark 5G Networks
  • Deliver Better Cellular IoT

Lifecycle Management

  • KeysightCare: Support. Elevated.




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