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Four Test Instruments — One Connected Interface

Keysight Smart Bench Essentials (SBE) harnesses the power of four unique test instruments through one powerful graphical interface with integrated data management and analysis.

Together with PathWave test software, you can now:

  • configure, control, and monitor multiple bench instruments from a single screen
  • automate workflows from test set up to report generation
  • access lab instruments remotely with your peers, to test, analyze, and share
  • manage an entire lab through a single screen interface

Smart Software for a Smart Bench

With PathWave BenchVue software applications, you can configure your test instruments quickly and operate all of them together on the same PC. BenchVue stores all your data on your PC and exports data in standard formats for analysis and reporting.

Keysight MXR-Series software applications - signal integrity, power integrity, protocol decode and trigger applications
Remote setup of your test equipments in education lab graphic

Manage and Enable Access from Anywhere

PathWave Remote Lab Access and Lab Management software applications provide complete remote setup of your basic electronic test equipment with web-based lab management and scheduling administration, instrument control, and remote access for measurement and analysis, including:

  • secure cloud-based remote lab scheduling and session booking
  • centralized lab configuration, multi-bench lab setup, and instrument control
  • remotely switch measurement points during a lab session

Discover the Smart Bench Essentials Series

Smart Bench Essentials is a complete lab test bench solution. With a 30-Watt triple-output power supply, single- or dual-channel 20 MHz function generators, a 5.5-digit digital multimeter, and a 50 MHz oscilloscope, the Smart Bench Essentials has everything needed for a basic electronic workbench, plus powerful software that integrates measurement and analysis across the portfolio. Check out our highlights video to learn more.

Explore Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Family

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EDU33212A Waveform Function Generator

Up to 20 MHz Frequency Range

Dual-channel function generators offer six built-in modulation types, 17 popular waveforms to simulate typical applications for testing, and 16-bit arbitrary waveform capability

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EDU36311A Triple-Output DC Power Supply

2 Channels of 30V / 1A and 1 Channel of 6V / 5A

With three electrically isolated channels with a total of 90 W clean and reliable power, this power supply includes over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-temperature protection to prevent damage

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EDU34450A Digital Multimeter

5.5-Digits Resolution

A dual display 5.5-digit digital multimeter with up to 110 readings/s for speed-critical tests, plus generous internal memory for logging up to 5,000 data points

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EDUX1052G InfiniiVision Oscilloscope

50 MHz Bandwidth

Proven InfiniiVision technology that gives you professional-level measurements you can trust. It comes with a built-in 20-MHz function generator

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Smarter with Keysight University

Get a head start by signing up for online learning classes at Keysight University to enhance your engineering knowledge of signal measurement techniques. Learn best practices for testing the latest standards and techniques with free boot camp classes. Or take a masterclass and go deep into hot topics led by industry experts.

Keysight MXR-Series software applications - signal integrity, power integrity, protocol decode and trigger applications

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