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Agilent E98x0A Memory Modules VXIplug&play Instrument Driver Read Me

Rev A.01.03


VXIplug&play drivers for the following Agilent Technologies modules:

The same drivers are used for both modules.

The VXIplug&play driver is designed for computers operating either Windows® 95/98 or Windows NT® Version 3.51 or higher.

Windows Installation

1. Download and execute driver_vxipnp_e98x0a_A_01_03.exe.

By default, it will extract the setup components to C:\TEMP.

2. Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel


This Readme file describes some of the files which are installed
with the Agilent Technologies E9830A and E9820A VXIplug&play software.

Help files for the VXIplug&play library are located in the help
directory, located below the directory where you found this Readme
file. E9830.hlp is a help file for the Soft Front Panel program,
age9830_32.exe. E9830A_Prog_Reference.htm and E9830A_Prog_Reference.pdf
are library references which can be read with your web browser, or with
Adobe Acrobat Reader, respectively.

In the directory where this Readme file was installed, you should find
the E9830A Soft Front Panel, named age9830_32.exe. This is a Microsoft
Visual Basic 6.0 application which can be used to exercise most of the
functions of an E9830A or an E9820A.

For writing your own VB programs, you will find age9830.bas in the
directory ..\include, and age9830_32.dll in ..\bin.

For writing your own C programs, you will find age9830.h in the
directory ..\include, age9830_32.dll in ..\bin, and age9830_32.lib
in ..\lib\msc.

For HP-VEE and other graphical languages, you will find Age9830.fp in ..\fp.

If you have installed the source code, you should find the source code
for the library in the directory src, and the Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
makefile age9830.mak in the directory msc.

If you have installed the examples, you will find several programs for
your perusal. In the examples directory is C source code for the four
programs in this directory, age9820_multi, age9830_multi, age9830_find,
and age9830_delay. The Readme in the examples directory explains these
four programs. The make files for these four programs are found in
four like-named directories under msc.

In directory vb are the projects for the Soft Front Panel, and for a
sample data recorder application, DataCapture. DataCapture requires
an E1437A to be located to the left of the E9830A, and it requires
the E1437A VXIplug&play software to be installed.

In directory vee is the file capture.vee, which is a HP-VEE application,
and also requires an E1437.

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