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34410A/34411A: Synchronizing Channels Readme

This example illustrates making a variety of measurements using the Agilent 34410A/11A DMM.
This would be a typical test program approach where specific channels are closed, and the
DMM is set up for a particular measurement. Of particular interest is synchronizing the
channel closure with programming and external DMM. The programming speed of the DMM can be
faster than the time it takes to close a channel on the switch. This must be avoided.


· Agilent 34980A Switch/Measure Unit with 34921A 40 Channel Armature MUX.
· Analog Bus 1 and Analog Bus 2 of 34980A connected to 34410A/11A input terminals.
· AB1 connected to Input; AB2 connected to Sense.
· Various sensors installed for both 2 and 4 wire measurements.

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