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Thread: HEMT Simulation Modeling

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HEMT Simulation Modeling
Posted: May 31, 2012 8:57 AM
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I am trying to simulate an AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) device using the example HEMT model within ICCAP 2011. I have been able to import the characteristic data into the id_vds under the DC section of the example file. However when I got to simulate it to be able to export the spice model I get an error.

"MNS simulation failed"

Then I go to check the output file and Both the measure data and the simulation data are present. (the simulation data having just populated) The plots work great and look as I expect them to. The only problem is there is no input or output file in the simulation debugger to make a spice model file from.

Any information would help.



As a note on the side I have been able to discern that the error is from the Circuit model is there any forum detailing the use and building of the model.

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Re: HEMT Simulation Modeling
Posted: Jun 1, 2012 4:47 PM   in response to: LST in response to: LST
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Hello LT,

We will be glad to help. This is fundamentally a question that should be directed to our Technical Support teams. I am not sure
what country you are in. A generic email you can use, is

The EEHEMT model does not use external simulators for the model extraction and optimization, so when you try to simulate the
simulation will fail. If you are interested and have the link to ADS defined for simulation, you can contact support and we can send
you an example model file to simulate with ADS. (see for reference, mesfet/hpsimHPEEFet3.mdl)

To save the model parameters, from the HPEEhemt1.mdl extraction procedure, you can run the SaveFile transform under the
Utilities/File_Validate Setup. That will give you the model parameters in a file.

Spice3 does not currently support EEHEMT. If you have a link to ADS, please contact EEsof Tech Support and we can help you
create a netlist for ADS.

Hope this helps. (If you contact tech support, we can also send you more information about the EEFET3/EEHEMTextraction approach etc)

Best regards

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