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Re: HP 54845 A with bad acqusition assembly.
I know it sounds crazy but just try to reload/reinstall the firmware for the scope. I have had many...
Re: 54845A Calibration Trigger Falure
I have seen these series of scopes do the same thing, pass all cal routines except for failing all t...
Re: HP54501A Calibration
The problem is with the on board "top Hat" battery installed on top of the NVRAM chip is dead. It ...
Re: HP 6030A again
when the overrange light comes on when trying to adjust output voltage above 0v that usually indiact...
Agilent 6038A Power Supply
I have 5 different 6038A power supplies that all do the same thing so I am pretty sure there is noth...
Re: 54835A self calibration error
I had the same exact problem with my 54835A that would fail the trigger portion of the self cal rout...