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Re: 3.5mm Male Open connector inside pin
For the PNA, the sex refers to the sex of the DUT or calibration standard. Male Open means the stan...
Re: Two Port VNA Measurement Setup
So, precision, low vswr attenuators placed adjacent to the DUT's input and output doesn't help, righ...
Re: Two Port VNA Measurement Setup
The connectors are both the same on the DUT. I'm using the unknown thru calibration technique.
Two Port VNA Measurement Setup
I'm measuring a passive two port network using an E5071B and performing a SOLT calibration with an 8...
Re: E4991A
Thanks for taking the time for this detailed response.
Hello, I'm GPIB programming the E4991A impedance analyzer. I want to read the trace data from the a...
Re: VNA Measurement Uncertainty
measurement of esr of capacitors is not trivial.[/quote]What instrument and/or method is the most ac...
VNA Measurement Uncertainty
Hello, I downloaded the VNA uncertainty measurement calculator at
N to SMA cable measurement
I've got a cable with an N connector on one end and an SMA on the other. I want to measure the cable...
Re: Simulate directional coupler based on measured data
Why can't you use an SnP component under "Data Items"? For a single directional coupler, you could u...