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Re: Strange behaviour in wsx file
The jumping behavior is not a suprise. What's happening is that when the name changes, the parts ar...
Re: Strange behaviour in wsx file
Not that I'm aware of. I tried to reproduce the problem you described, but could not. If you can p...
Re: Strange behaviour in wsx file
It certainly sounds like there's a problem. Can you provide a workspace which demonstrates the issu...
Re: Strange behaviour in wsx file
Thanks for the heads-up regarding Layout. I'll test that case too, so that there aren't any leftove...
Re: Strange behaviour in wsx file
Take a look at the Design's PartList. There may be "extra" components listed. I recently fixed a b...
Re: Invalid Workspace Error
It sounds like the workspace file has been corrupted, either by the crash or the virus. Please cont...
Re: How to stop Genesys during MFILTER operation
This problem has been fixed in the latest version. More info:
Re: Transient Old Data
I'm not entirely sure what steps you are following, but I'm not seeing a problem. Make sure you rep...
Re: Substrate parameters sweep
What version of Genesys are you using? Pre-2005 substrates don't support variable parameters.
Re: Bundle selection with install
"Sounds like something wrong with the license file or path to the license file". Matt should be con...