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Product Matches: 6015A
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6015ADC power supply, 0-500Vdc, 0-5A, 1050 W. Autoranging - Manual
6015A-220191-233VAC operation, 50/60Hz
6015A-240209-254VAC operation, 50/60 Hz
6015A-831Power cord, Americas, No Plug, 12AWG, 3-wire, 8.2ft, (p/n 8120-5573)
6015A-833Power cord, Europe, No Plug, 3-wire, 2.5 m, (p/n 8120-5568)
6015A-834Power cord, USA, No Plug, 10AWG, 3-wire, 8.2ft, (p/n 8120-5566)
6015A-841Power cord, Americas, Japan, NEMA 6-20P, 20A, 250V PLUG, 8ft, (p/n 8120-5572)
6015A-845Power cord, Scandinavia, IEC 309,16A,220V PLUG, 8.2ft, (p/n 8120-5570)
6015A-846Power cord, North America, NEMA L5-30P,30A,120V, 10AWG, 8.2ft, (p/n 8120-5565)
6015A-847Power cord, Europe, CEE 7/7,16A, 220V PLUG, 3-wire, 2.5 m, (p/n 8120-5567)
6015A-848Power cord, S.Africa, India, BS 546,15A, 240V PLUG, 2.5 m, (p/n 8120-5569)
6015A-908Rack mount kit (p/n 5062-3977)
6015A-909Rack mount kit with handles (p/n 5062-3983)
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