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N5245A PNA-X Microwave Network Analyzer, 50 GHz

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Current Firmware/Software

Version: n/a
Release Date: 2014-09-01

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8510 System to PNA Series Network Analyzer
Trade in your current network analyzer for an exceptional credit toward the ultimate in performance and flexibility!

Promotional Materials 2011-01-11

PNA Microwave Network Analyzers Brochure
This 16 page color brochure introduces you to the PNA Series of microwave network analyzers. The PNA Series builds on Keysight’s 40-year legacy of excellence to deliver new standards in speed, accuracy, and versatility for microwave network analysis.

Brochure 2010-12-10

Solutions for Antenna Characterization
Learn how to fully evaluate the performance of your antennas in significantly less time with Keysight's solutions for antenna characterization.

Brochure 2010-06-30

Microwave Engineering Europe X-parameters Article

Article 2010-06-02

Microwave Journal Cover Article: X-parameters Fundamentally Changing Nonlinear Microwave Design
Provides an overview of the invention and need for x-parameters to model the behavior of non-linear devices. This is an article reprint from Microwave Journal, Issue March 2010, Vol.53. No.3

Article 2010-03-25

Product Note for N5244/45AS Option H29
Product Note describing the difference between N5244/45AS and the N5244/455A version

User Manual 2010-03-01

High Power Amplifier Measurements Using Keysight's Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzers AN 1408-19
This application note discusses the unique challenges involved in testing high-power devices using Keysight's N5242A nonlinear vector network analyzer(NVNA).

Application Note 2010-01-26

Scalar Network Analyzer, Migrating from Scalar to Vector Network Analyzer Systems, Selection Guide
This selection guide provides information to help you migrate from scalar analyzers to vector network analyzer systems.

Selection Guide 2009-10-29

X-Parameters: Commerical Implementations of the Latest Technology Enable Mainstream Applictions - Ar
This article reprint from Microwave Journal introduces advances in commercially available solutions for characterization, modeling, and design of nonlinear components and systems based on X-parameters.

Article 2009-10-09

Video Demos on Generating X-Parameters from Circuit Level Designs
This four part series of demonstration videos shows how to generate X-parameters from circuits.

Demo 2009-09-28

PNA-X Press Releases

Press Materials 2009-09-09

Microwaves and RF Cover Article: Nonlinear VNAs Extend to 50 GHz

Article 2009-07-23

Setting a New Standard for Flexible Network Analyzers

Press Materials 2009-06-01

Agilent Technologies Expands World's Most Flexible PNA-X Network Analyzer for Active Device Test

Press Materials 2009-06-01

Understanding Nonlinear Vector Network Analysis

Press Materials 2009-04-15

Agilent Technologies Wins More Than 20 Annual Product Awards for Electronic Design, Measurement

Press Materials 2009-02-24

Agilent Demonstrates Unrivalled Range of Measurement Solutions at Electronica 2008

Press Materials 2008-11-11

Making Fast and Accurate Antenna Measurements

Press Materials 2008-10-27

Industry's Fastest Antenna Test Receiver -- 30 Percent Faster than Existing Solutions

Press Materials 2008-10-27

Agilent’s New Solutions for Microwave, RF, Wireless & Radar at 2008 European Microwave Conference

Press Materials 2008-10-26

Agilent’s PNA-X Achieves 100 Times Faster Swept-IMD Measurements with a Simple, Integrated Setup

Press Materials 2008-10-07

Total Analysis Environment for Modeling
Keysight IC-CAP is flexible and high-performance software that is capable of accurate device characterization, analysis, and easy measurement, and these capabilities take on importance for today's semiconductor modeling.

Application Note 2008-08-21

Agilent Introduces Breakthrough Technology to Analyze Nonlinear Behaviors of Active Components

Press Materials 2008-06-02

Agilent Technologies' New Gain Compression Application Optimizes Accuracy, Speed of Amplifier Test

Press Materials 2007-12-10

Gain Compression Application for Amplifier Test
Amplifier designers and manufacturers characterize the compression level of amplifiers so the performance of RF chains or RF subsystems can be determined and optimized.

Technical Overview 2007-11-10

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