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V3500A Handheld RF Power Meter

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Why is my power meter/power sensor do not come with hardcopy manual?
Keysight power meter and power sensor product will no longer offer hardcopy manuals as a standard shipped item.

FAQ 2014-04-17

Does Keysight offers any virtual panel software for V3500A handheld power meter?

FAQ 2011-03-31

Where does V3500A source the power from when connected USB port with battery installed?
USB port power

FAQ 2010-10-07

What is the smallest frequency step size(resolution) for V3500A handheld power meter?
1MHz step size(resolution) can be done via programming method.

FAQ 2010-09-20

Can I use USB cable to charge my V3500A handheld power meter?

FAQ 2010-07-23

How I upgrade or downgrade the V3500A handheld power meter firmware?
V3500A firmware upgrade or downgrade only can be done by Keysight only.

FAQ 2010-07-18

Can I use external power adaptor to charge my V3500A handheld power meter?

FAQ 2010-07-18

Which is power source will be utilized by V3500A power meter if external power source connected, USB cable connect to USB port & with battery insta...
External power source

FAQ 2010-07-18

What is the method to power up V3500A handheld power meter?
You can use battery power, USB port or external power supply/adaptor to power up V3500A handheld power meter.

FAQ 2010-05-10