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B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer

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Current Firmware/Software

Version: 6.0.1520.5030
Release Date: 2015-06-01

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Keysight Demonstrates Latest Design, Test, Characterization Solutions at European Microwave Week
Keysight announces that it will demonstrate a wide range of design, test and characterization solutions at European Microwave Week 2015, Palais des Congrès, Booth E 110, Paris, Sept. 8–10.

Press Materials 2015-08-24

N5193A UXG Agile Signal Generator Online Documentation (.zip file)
Downloadable online documentation that includes the User's guide, programming information, SCPI commands, setup information, and more.

Help File 2015-08-24

Logic and Protocol Analyzer Online Help - PDF Version (Version 06.10)
These are PDF versions of the Windows HTML Help files that come with the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer application software.

Help File 2015-08-24

ZIP ZIP 50.23 MB
Logic and Protocol Analyzer Online Help Files (Version 06.10)
These are the online help files that come with the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer application software.

Help File 2015-08-24

ZIP ZIP 105.37 MB
Download the latest 81160A Application Notes
Reduce your test time with a new 4-in-1 pulse generator - download free application notes

Application Note 2015-08-23

IO Libraries Suite Unsupported Interface Support Matrix - Technical Overview
The support matrix for unsupported I/O hardware interfaces, Operating Systems, and Keysight IO Libraries revisions...

Technical Overview 2015-08-22

IO Libraries Suite Interface Support Matrix - Technical Overview
The support matrix for I/O hardware interface, Operating System, and Keysight IO Libraries revision...

Technical Overview 2015-08-22

Software Support Policy - Technical Overview
Software support policy for IO Libraries Suite, Command Expert, Fault Detective, and License Manager software

Technical Overview 2015-08-22

N4965A Multi-Channel BERT 12.5 Gb/s - Data Sheet
The N4965A Multi-Channel BERT is a cost effective solution for characterizing crosstalk susceptibility, backplanes, and multi-lane serial data systems.

Data Sheet 2015-08-21

Keysight Technologies Oscilloscopefor Industry Standards - Poster
See how Keysight oscilloscopes are engineered for fast, technology-specific insights with this poster showing supported industry standard measurements and their compatible Keysight oscilloscopes.

Selection Guide 2015-08-21

Keysight Y1270A-301 Rack Mount Kit Installation Note
The Y1270A-301 rack-mount kit is used to install a M9018A chassis with an attached Y1270A frame into a standard 19" rack.

Installation Manual 2015-08-21

PDF PDF 23.92 MB
Keysight Y1270A Front Panel Interfacing Kit For M9018A PXIe Chassis
The Keysight Y1270A front panel Interfacing kit for the M9018A PXIe chassis has been designed to protect the M9018A PXIe modules and their associated cabling. This installation note explains how to assemble connectors on the interfacing kit connector strip.

Installation Manual 2015-08-21

PDF PDF 23.84 MB
Configuration Assistant for Signal Studio Software
This online interactive tool guides the user in selecting and configuring N76xxB Signal Studio software for both new purchases and upgrades. The tool also provides the ability to create an email with the final configuration details.

Configuration Guide 2015-08-20

Truevolt Series Digital Multimeters Operating and Service Guide (CHM format)
Contains operating, programming, and servicing information for the Truevolt Series in Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (CHM) format. To view the Help file, download the ZIP file to your local hard drive and then extract the contained CHM file to a folder on your local hard drive. Once you have downloaded the CHM file to your computer, an internet connection is not required in order to view the Help file.

Help File 2015-08-20

Bulletins | About Keysight
Recent communications, electronics test and measurement focused news releases.

Press Materials 2015-08-20

Microsoft .NET 3.5 install instruction for Windows 8.1 (English & 日本語)
Microsoft .NET 3.5 installation instruction for Windows 8.1 (English & 日本語)

Installation Manual 2015-08-20

Readme for IVI, MATLAB Version for N8900 DC Power Supplies

Release Notes 2015-08-20

MXE Software Revision History - Windows 7
Release notes for the instrument software...

Release Notes 2015-08-20

README file (日本語) for A.06.0.1520.5030
README file (日本語) for A.06.0.1520.5030

Installation Manual 2015-08-20

E6966B IMS-SIP Network Emulator - Technical Overview
The E6966B IMS-SIP network emulator allows you to efficiently test the performance and functionality of cellular user equipment in an all-IP IMS-SIP environment.

Technical Overview 2015-08-20

Synthesis Made Easy With Keysight Genesys
Learn how to quickly design many different filters with various topologies in these short tutorial videos. The Genesys Synthesis building block contains the RF industry’s widest coverage of circuit and system synthesis capabilities for passive and active components. These step-by-step tutorials walk you through the steps to accelerate your routine design tasks from hours to minutes.

Demo 2015-08-20

Keysight Technologies' University Educational Support Programs Now in More Than 200 Universities
Keysight announces that more than 200 universities in North America are now participating in the Keysight EEsof EDA University Educational Support Programs, which provide several thousand students with EDA software licenses.

Press Materials 2015-08-20

Keysight EEsof EDA Premier Communications Design Software
Keysight EEsof EDA premier communications design software product overview brochure.

Brochure 2015-08-19

M9485A PXIe Vector Network Analyzer - Brochure
Product brochure of the M9485A PXI Multiport Vector Network Analyzer

Brochure 2015-08-19

README -Installation guide
README -Installation guide

Installation Manual 2015-08-19


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