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U1193A Handheld Clamp Meter

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Handheld Tools - Brochure
This brochure presents all handheld products including LCR meters, DMMs, scopes and calibrators.

Brochure 2015-11-12

U1190A Series Handheld Clamp Meter Quick Start Guide
This quick start guide helps you to quickly get familiar with the features and the user interface of the Keysight U1190A Series Handheld Clamp Meter.

Quick Start Guide 2015-01-01

U1190A Series Handheld Clamp Meters User Guide
U1190A Series Handheld Clamp Meters User Guide.

User Manual 2014-12-05

U1190A Series Handheld Clamp Meters Service Guide
This service guide provides calibration procedures, service and maintenance information for U1190A Series Handheld Clamp Meters.

Service Manual 2014-12-05

U1190 Series Clamp Meters - Quick Fact Sheet
This Quick Fact Sheet presents the U1190 series handheld clamp meters. It has a built-in flashlight, Vsense for non-contact voltage detection and a unique wire separator to clamp and measure wires from a bundle.

Promotional Materials 2012-03-20

U1190 Series Clamp Meters - Data Sheet
This datasheet presents the U1190 series clamp meters that come with features such as a built-in flashlight, Vsense and wire seperator to help users work better in the conditions they are in.

Data Sheet 2011-11-23

U1190 Series application video
Learn how U1190 Series clamp meters can help you perform your daily tasks sufficiently in the industrial environments at U1190 Series application video.

Demo 2011-10-17

U1190A Series Clamp Meter Demonstration Video

Demo 2011-08-24