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W1719EP SystemVue RF System Design Kit

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Staying Ahead of Wireless Technology Shift
Join this seminar and be part of the Smart Nation community. This seminar would be a good platform for everyone to gather and discuss the latest wireless trends.


Keysight EEsof EDA Customer Education and Services
Brief overview of Keysight EDA Customer Education and Services.

Training Materials 2016-07-20

Comprehensive mm-Wave Design Solutions for TSMC's 60-GHz CMOS RDK
Original broadcast May 3, 2012

Webcast - recorded

Innovations in EDA Webcast: RF System Architecture - Techniques for Optimal Design
Original broadcast Jan 12, 2012

Webcast - recorded

Wideband Digital Pre-Distortion Modeling for LTE-Advanced
Original broadcast July 26, 2012

Webcast - recorded