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E4438C-402 TDMA Personality (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, EGPRS, NADC, PCD, PHS, TETRA, DECT), Fixed Perpetual License [To Be Discontinued]

Product Status: To Be Discontinued
Order Before: 1 December 2015

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E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator - Data Sheet
Complete E4438C ESG performance specifications are available in the data sheet.

Data Sheet 2012-05-21

Order your complimentary 2012/13 RF & Microwave Test Accessories Catalog
This comprehensive resource enables engineers to quickly and conveniently research the highest-quality RF and microwave test accessories in the industry.

Catalog 2011-09-20

Understanding GSM/EDGE Transmitter and Receiver Measurements for Base Transceiver Stations (AN 1312)
This 36-page application note presents the fundamental RF parametric measurements necessary to characterize GSM/EDGE base transceiver stations and their components.

Application Note 2002-08-24