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5351B 26.5 GHz CW Microwave Counter [Obsolete]

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Fundamentals of Microwave Frequency Counters (AN 200-1)
This somewhat lengthy, classic Application Note addresses the microwave counter designer's need for down-conversion techniques. It describes and compares techniques and outlines additional considerations in choosing a microwave counter. Includes some applications of the Keysight 5342A.

Application Note 1997-05-01

Fundamentals of the Electronic Counters (AN 200)
This classic Application Note is aimed at introducing to the reader the basic concepts, techniques and the underlying principles that constitute the common denominator of this myriad of counter products. It discusses the fundamentals of the conventional counter, the types of measurements it can...

Application Note 1997-03-01

5350/51/52B Operating Manual - Jan96
05350-90052. The 5350 series of counters are discontinued, and this manual is provided for information only.

Operation Manual 1996-01-01

5350/51/52B Service Manual - May87
05350-90021. The 5350 Series of microwave counters has been discontinued, and this manual is provided for information only.

Service Manual 1987-05-01

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