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E6706D 1xEV-DO Lab Application [Obsolete]

Product Status: Obsolete | No Longer Supported

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Current Firmware/Software

Version: D.01.10
Release Date: 2010-12-23

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E1966A 1xEV-DO Terminal Test Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides the specifications for the E1966A 1xEV-DO test application to verify and ensure the quality of RF performance of these devices.

Technical Overview 2014-05-19

Repository of E1966A, E6706A/B/C/D/E/F/G/T/U CHM Help File and Reference Guides
Click here to access the current and previous revisions of the downloadable Reference Guides and CHM Help files for 1xEV-DO applications.

User Manual 2013-11-06

8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide for the E5515C (8960) Series 10 wireless communications test set outlines the functionality that can be achieved using a test set mainframe, mobile test applications, and lab applications

Configuration Guide 2013-08-13

1xEV-DO Applications Feature Comparison
This table compares key features present in the 8960 1xEV-DO Test and Lab Application products.

Selection Guide 2013-04-18

E5515CU Hardware Upgrade Sets - Brochure
This photocard provides high level information on the E5515CU-58B and E5515CU-58C hardware upgrade kits.

Brochure 2012-10-24

E6706 1xEv-DO Lab Application Release Notes
Software version history and information for the E6706 1xEV-DO lab application for the 8960.

Release Notes 2012-08-07

E1966, E1976, E6706 Online User's Guide
The most current documentation for the 1xEV-DO application is this online version.

User Manual 2012-06-21

E6706E 1xEV-DO Lab Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides an overview of the key features, what is new, and specification information for the E6706E 1xEV-DO lab application.

Technical Overview 2012-03-05

High-Speed Data Throughput Test
Ensure a quality user experience by fully testing the packet data performance of your wireless device early in the design cycle. The 8960 offers the highest 2G/3G/3.5G data rates and real-world testing to find issues sooner and resolve them faster!

Feature Story 2011-11-29

Real-World Battery Drain Analysis
Go beyond Talk Time Test! Test the battery life of your data device using realistic user scenarios to ensure real-world operation meets user expectations with the 8960, 14565B and IFT software.

Feature Story 2010-08-30

N5115B Baseband Studio for Fading (R&D only) - Technical Overview
Baseband Studio for fading is a powerful tool for verifying your cellular communications, WLAN, or satellite communications receiver designs.

Technical Overview 2010-07-26

Verizon Usage and Standby Time flyer
This flyer give a brief overview of Keysight's solution supporting Verizon's battery drain compliance test plan: Usage Time and Standby Time.

Application Note 2010-04-14

E5515C Fading Solution Application Guide
The Keysight E5515C Fading Solution provides a complete solution for performing faded signal tests on mobile devices. Learn more in this application guide which covers W-CDMA/HSDPA, cdma2000, 1xEV-DO and GSM/GPRS/EGPRS technologies.

User Manual 2009-05-11

8960 Press Releases

Press Materials 2009-04-21

Solutions for Mobile Device Assisted GPS (A-GPS) Test - Promotional Materials
Provides a brief overview of the Keysight solutions (8960 and GS-9000) for A-GPS testing.

Promotional Materials 2009-03-20

Repository of E1966A, E6706A/B/T/U Syntax Guides
Click here to access the current and previous revisions of the printable GPIB Syntax Guides for the 1x-EVDO application.

User Manual 2008-11-04

8960 Wireless Test Set Ensures the Success of Your Wireless Products - Brochure
The flexible solution for wireless device development, manufacturing, and repair

Brochure 2008-08-19

Fast Device Tune Measurement Solution for Calibrating W-CDMA Mobile Phones - Application Note
Learn how Keysight’s Fast Device Tune measurement minimizes calibration test time.

Application Note 2008-07-29

8960 and E6601A Wireless Test Sets - Brochure
For flexible solutions for today’s wireless device development, manufacturing, and repair, use Keysight’s proven 8960 and new E6601A wireless test set.

Brochure 2007-08-07

8960 and E6601A Product Comparison - Brochure
Shows how the 8960 test set for manufacturing test and the E6601A for calibration test compare.

Brochure 2007-07-23

Testing Data Throughput of Wireless Devices (R&D only) - Application Note
The 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set from Keysight Technologies features a data throughput monitor to be used by designers during the R&D process.

Application Note 2006-12-21

Applications Testing with the Keysight 8960 Series 10 Wireless Test Set (R&D only) - Application Note
The 8960 (E5515C) and Keysight lab applications help you throroughly test to current technology standards.

Application Note 2006-03-27

Testing Hybrid Mode UE: Keysight’s DO-cdma2000 Test Solution (R&D only) - Application Note
Hybrid mode has added complexity to testing mobile devices, this application note explains these challenges and illustrates how Keysight test solution can help ensure conformance to industry standards.

Application Note 2006-02-27

How Digitally Generated Faded Signals Reduce Cost of Test (R&D only) - Application Note
Reduce cost of test, simplify testing and be assured of accuracy using digitally integrated, calibrated noise and fading patterns.

Application Note 2005-08-15

RF Parametric and Functional Test for Wireless Designs (R&D only) - Brochure
Highlights Keysight’s solutions for complete RF parametric and functional testing of wireless devices throughout the R&D cycle.

Brochure 2005-07-11