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E4440A PSA Spectrum Analyzer, 3 Hz to 26.5 GHz

Product Status: Currently Orderable | Currently Supported

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Current Firmware/Software

Version: A.11.21
Release Date: 2012-07-22

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Signal Analysis Measurement Fundamentals, Optimize Noise Floor, Resolution Bandwidth, and More
Learn measurement fundamentals to optimize your signal analysis for greater insights

Application Note 2017-02-13

Spectrum Analysis Basics - Application Note
This application note (also known as AN 150) explains the fundamentals of swept-tuned, superheterodyne spectrum analyzers and discusses the latest advances in spectrum analyzer capabilities.

Application Note 2016-11-02

Diving Deeper: A Detailed Side-by-Side Comparison of the PSA and the PXA - Technical Overview
See how the N9030A PXA high-performance signal analyzer compares with the legacy E444xA PSA spectrum analyzer. Side-by-side comparisons include specifications, functional block diagrams and features.

Technical Overview 2015-10-23

Optimizing RF and Microwave Spectrum Analyzer Dynamic Range -- Application Note
The dynamic range of a spectrum analyzer is traditionally defined as the ratio, in dB, of the largest to the smallest signals simultaneously present at the input of the spectrum analyzer that allows measurement of the smaller to a given degree of uncertainty. The signals of interest can either be...

Application Note 2015-07-24

Optimizing RF and Microwave Spectrum Analyzer Dynamic Range - Application Note
This application note defines the elements of spectrum analyzer measurement speed and shows how to choose solution bandwidth and data output format for fast measurements.

Application Note 2015-07-22

Noise Figure Uncertainty Calculator
The noise figure uncertainty calculator has been created to aid your design work, from components through to systems, helping you meet the continued demand for higher system performance.

Analysis Tool 2015-05-29

Download your complimentary RF & Microwave Test Accessories Catalog
This comprehensive resource enables engineers to quickly and conveniently research the highest-quality RF and microwave test accessories in the industry.

Catalog 2015-04-28

Low Cost Antenna Test – Eretec Inc.
Low Cost Antenna Test Solution from Eretec and Keysight

Solution Brief 2014-04-16

Pulsed Carrier Phase Noise Measurements - Application Note
This application note discusses basic fundamentals for making pulsed carrier phase noise measurements.

Application Note 2014-03-13

PSA and ESA Spectrum Analyzer User's & Programmer's Reference Volume 2, One Button Power Measurement
User's and programmer's reference (Volume 2, One Button Power Measurements) for spectrum analyzers PSA Series: E4440A, E4443A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A and ESA-E Series: E4402B, E4404B, E4405B, E4407B and ESA-L Series: E4403B, E4408B, E4411B

User Manual 2014-03-01

Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy - The Y-Factor Method - Application Note
Specific to instruments that use the Y-factor method for noise figure measurements, this app note discusses measurement basics, avoidable errors, loss and temperature corrections, and uncertainties.

Application Note 2014-02-26

PSA and ESA Spectrum Analyzer Instrument Messages and Functional Tests Guide
Instrument messages and functional tests guide for the PSA series: E4440A, E4443A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A and ESA-E series spectrum analyzers: E4402B, E4404B, E4405B, E4407B and ESA-L Series spectrum analyzers: E4403B, E4408B, E4411B.

User Manual 2014-01-01

PSA Series High-Performance Spectrum Analyzers - Brochure
This 24-page color brochure describes the PSA Series high-performance spectrum analyzers (3 Hz to 50 GHz), including features and benefits, service and support, key specifications, ordering information, and related literature.

Brochure 2013-11-26

PDF PDF 10.91 MB
PSA Series High-Performance Spectrum Analyzers - Configuration Guide
This PSA configuration guide with PXA cross reference will help you determine the right signal analysis tool to meet your test needs.

Configuration Guide 2013-11-25

PSA External Source Control Measurement Personality Option 215 - Technical Overview
This technical overview includes measurement details, demonstrations, key specifications, ordering information and related literature for the PSA Series external source control measurement personality (Option 215).

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides specifications for the PSA family of spectrum analyzers.

Data Sheet 2013-11-25

PSA Spectrum Analyzer W-CDMA and HSDPA/HSUPA Measurement Personality - Technical Overview
This overview for the W-CDMA and HSDPA measurement personalities, a suite of standards-based measurements with digital modulation analysis for the PSA spectrum analyzers and the E4406A vector signal analyzer, includes measurement details, demonstrations, and key specifications.

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

PSA WLAN Measurement Personality - Technical Overview
This 16 page technical overview highlights the key features and benefits of the PSA Series Option 217, WLAN measurement personality. Demonstrations and explanations are also included.

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers 40 and 80 MHz Bandwidth Digitizers - Technical Overview
This 16-page technical overview highlights the PSA E4440A Option 122 wide bandwidth digitizer and Option 123 high band preselector bypass.

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

PSA Spectrum Analyzer Specifications Guide (Comprehensive Reference Data)
Specifications guide for PSA series spectrum analyzer: E4440A, E4443A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A.

Technical Overview 2012-12-01

PSA Spectrum Analyzer Getting Started Guide
Getting started guide for the PSA series: E4440A, E4443A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A spectrum analyzers.

Quick Start Guide 2012-11-01

Why Migrate from the PSA to the PXA?
This document provides an overview and comparison of the new N9030A PXA with the existing PSA.

Technical Overview 2012-06-12

Spectrum and Signal Analyzer Measurements and Noise Application Note 1303
Noise is the classical limitation of electronics. In this application note, the characteristics of noise and its direct measurement are discussed in detail.

Application Note 2012-05-04

PSA Spectrum Analyzer Security Features and Volatility
Description of instrument security features and the steps to declassify an instrument. For the PSA Series spectrum analyzers: E4440A, E4443A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A.

User Manual 2011-12-01

Optimizing Dynamic Range for Distortion Measurements
This Product Note covers high dynamic range measurement techniques for the new PSA Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series. The Note describes the best way to use the PSA series to make distortion measurements such as ACP, intermodulation, and harmonic distortion.

Application Note 2011-10-27


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