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M938x Vector Signal Generator / CW Source Instrument Drivers

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Driver type: IVI-C (32-bit/64-bit), IVI-COM (32-bit/64-bit), MATLAB (32-bit only), LabVIEW (32-bit/64-bit)

IVI class support: IviDriver 1.0

LabVIEW driver version: 2.01

Version Description:


  • Updated help file, added IVI-2014 Compliance, rebranded as Keysight Technologies.
  • Added support for a maximum of 4 PXI VSGs in a single chassis sharing a single controller.
  • Added MultiChannelSync IVI interface, enabling improved multichannel timing synchronization.
  • Added phase synchronous operation via M9301A Synthesizer sharing capability, along with new IVI method and properties:

         - Calibration2.LOLevelAlignment.AlignLoLevel

         - Modulation3.BasebandPhase adjustment

         - Modules.Synthesizer3.SharedRole

         - Modules.Synthesizer.OutputPort

  • Added Multichannel example program to demonstrate time and phase synchronous operation.
  • Added Reference3.AlignExternalReferenceAnd10MHzOut method to align phase of the 10 MHz Output with the External Reference input.
  • Added ArbMemory IVI interface to enable manual management of ARB memory usage.
  • Added Triggers.ExternalTrigger3.ArbRestart property.
  • l Enhanced SCPI interface with additional commands including multichannel operation.

Critical Fixes

  • Fix to enable using Modules.Reference.ProgrammableOutputTrigger properties when sharing M9300A Reference between multiple instruments.
Release Date Version Version Description
2015-05-23 2.0.333.0 See description above

How to Download

  1. Click the Download button.
  2. Select the appropriate executable file.
  3. Choose Run.

How to Install

  • Run the downloaded installer.


  • Does Not Require a License

Supporting Documentation


Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows 7


Supported Instruments

  • M9380A, M9381A, M9301A, M9310A, M9311A, M9300A

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