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M938x Vector Signal Generator / CW Source Instrument Drivers

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This driver download installs the IVI-C, IVI-COM, LabVIEW, and MATLAB driver components, as well as the soft front panel and kernel device driver.

Keysight modular drivers also require that Keysight IO Libraries Suite 16.0 or greater be installed. To get the latest release of the IO Libraries Suite, go to

Current Version Details
Version 1.4.400.0
Models Supported M9380A, M9381A, M9301A, M9310A, M9311A, M9300A
IO Libraries Required Version 16.3 Update 2 or later
Driver Types and Version

IVI-C (32/64-bit) 1.4.400.0
IVI-COM (32/64-bit) 1.4.400.0
LabVIEW (32/64-bit):

  • M938x: 1.0.14
  • M9300: 1.0.6

MATLAB (32-bit) 1.4.400.0

Soft Front Panel Version 1.4.400.0
IVI Classes Supported

IviDriver 1.0

Added SCPI interface with support for commonly used commands. Added support for Signal Studio 802.154g Wi-SUN. Improved speed performance. M9300A FPGA available – Optional, not currently required for any new software features. Fix allowing Modules.Reference.ProgrammableOutputTrigger properites to take effect.
Fix to eliminate undesired Apply() performed within List.End() which previously could result in unintended signal output.

Release Date Version Version Description
2014-08-20 1.4.400.0 See details above.

How to Download

  • Click the download button and save the driver to your computer.

How to Install

  • Run the downloaded installer.


  • Does Not Require a License

Supporting Documentation


Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP


Supported Instruments

  • M9380A, M9381A, M9301A, M9310A, M9311A, M9300A

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