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Advanced Design System – ADS Software

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  • ADS 2016 Update 1 is a significant technology update for both SIPro & PIPro (new features released in ADS 2016). Users of SIPro & PIPro are encouraged to download and install both ADS 2016.01 and ADS 2016 Update 1. More details are available on the ADS 2016 Update 1 software download page.
  • The minimum license version required to run this software is 3.2. If you are a supported customer, login to the Keysight Software Manager to obtain your updated licenses before installation. For other licensing tasks, see "How to Obtain a License".
  • Windows 10 support for ADS 2016.01 requires the Keysight EEsof EDA 2017.01 License Server Software.
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2016-01-28 2016.01 SIPro/PIPro, Electro-Thermal Windows, HB&CE speed&convergence, .brd import, 5G Library, Momentum: iPDK, iRCX import, Parameterized substrates, Silicon dummy fill simulation: PAM4, DDR4 Receiver Equalization, Mix/Match IBIS-AMI w/IBIS/SPICE.

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