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Released Software for 54520A, 54522A, 54540A, and 54542A Oscilloscopes (Version 3.10)

Released software rev 3.10 for the 54520A, 54522A, 54540A, and 54542A oscilloscopes.

The last released version of software is rev 3.10. If you are using the oscilloscope in a product acceptance environment, you should use rev 3.10. However, there were a few bugs in the software related to saving deep memory ASCII files or ghost images when you changed menus. These bugs were fixed in a non-released version of the software, T3.33. Rev T3.33 did not fully go through the QA (quality assurance) process and was never officially released for customer use. However, some customers use the oscilloscope in a lab environment where product acceptance is not an issue. If that is your situation, you can use rev T3.33. No current list of issues fixed or release notes are available for any of the software revs. There is a separate link for the rev T3.33.

  1. Copy the attached ROM and SYSTEM files to a blank 1.44 MByte floppy disk.
  2. Turn off the oscilloscope.
  3. Put the floppy disk in the oscilloscope's disk drive.
  4. Press and hold the blue shift key on the keypad.
  5. While holding down the blue shift key, turn on the oscilloscope.
  6. You will see a message displayed on the screen.
  7. Press the blue shift key again (second time) to upgrade the software.
  8. The oscilloscope will ask you again if you are sure you want to upgrade the software.
  9. Press the blue shift key again (third time) to start the process.
  10. For best performance, you should perform the user self calibration on the scope after installing the software. Without performing the user self calibration, your measurements may not be as accurate as possible. For example, instead of 1.5% accuracy, measurement accuracy could be 3% or 4%.
Release Date Version Version Description
1996-02-06 3.10 Released software rev 3.10 for the 54520A, 54522A, 54540A, and 54542A oscilloscopes.

How to Download

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How to Install

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  • Does Not Require a License

Installs on:



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Supported Instruments

  • 54520A, 54522A, 54540A, 54542A