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E6966A IMS-SIP Network Emulator Software

To download the latest software and view the release notes, register for the Wireless Solutions – Entitled Software Access capability. If you already have registered for this capability and you are not logged in, log into your myKeysight account.

IMPS-SIP Network Emulator Server Software, Version 6.5, and the IMS-SIP Network Emulator Client  Software, Version 6.4, and supporting documentation

Release Date Version Version Description
2012-05-25 6.5 Enhancements: Initial support for SigComp, preliminary support for emergency-sessions, control-plane message filtering (API-only),user-plane data-proxying and filtering (API-only), initial provisions for subscriber-data configuration and more.

How to Download

  • Register for Wireless Solutions Software Access
  • Select "Download"

How to Install

  • 1. Close any applications currently running.
    2. Open the Installer self-extracting zip file. (The default extract location is C:\Temp.)
    3. Navigate to the folder where the zip content was extracted in step 2.
        a. This folder contains a version-specific directory for the application:
            (For example: C:\Temp\E6966A IMS-SIP Server V03.00.00 Installer)
        b. Navigate into the version-specific directory and run the executable:
    4. Your system may be prompted to reboot
  • E6966A IMS-SIP Network Emulator Software Installation Guide


  • Requires a License

Supporting Documentation