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N1010A FlexDCA Pro Software

N1010A FlexDCA is a software application that provides oscilloscope and eye/mask measurement capabilities on your PC.

This page provides the latest as well as archived versions of N1010A FlexDCA Pro software.

The most current version of N1010A FlexDCA Pro is recommened for use with the supported mainframe firmware version as indicated in the table below.

N1010A is not currently supported on Windows 8.

For best results use the same N1010A FlexDCA Pro software version that you are using on 86100D FlexDCA
(i.e. N1010A A.02.01 and 86100D FlexDCA A.02.01)

N1010A SW Revision Required 86100D FlexDCA FW Revision Required 86100C FW Revision
A.02.xx A.02.xx A.10.82
A.01.81 A.01.81 A.10.80
A.01.80 A.01.80 A.10.80
A.01.70 A.01.70 A.10.70
A.01.60 and A.01.61 A.01.60 and A.01.61 A.10.60
A.01.50 A.01.50 A.10.50
A.01.03 A.01.03 A.10.03
A.01.02 A.01.02 A.10.02
Release Date Version Version Description

Free Trial Available

2014-06-11 A.03.01.5 Version A.03.01

How to Download

  • Copy the firmware uprade file to a USB flash drive or LAN folder that will be available to the target PC.

How to Install

  • Copy the upgrade file to the target PC and run the installation package, following all instructions to install your new firmware version.


Supporting Documentation


Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP SP3


  • 86100C or 86100D mainframe running the latest version of firmware.

Supported Instruments

  • 86100C, 86100D